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  1. I swear this is just a nvidia issue, I dont remember ever seing my ATI x800xt draw out objects only within a certain distance. My brothers Nvidia FX 5900 had this very problem where even trees, bushes would apear from nowhere. One step forward they apear one step back they are gone but at a distance where its realy noticable look at these screen shots.
  2. Hmm ... not sure if you should let your bro know that it wasn't really much of an "upgrade" since both those cards were pretty much equivalent same-gen refreshes (5950 a refresh of the 5900, 9800 Pro a refresh of the 9700 Pro). Benchmarks for both cards would likely be close. But in the end, as long as it runs the games you want to play at fps acceptable to you, it's all good Me and my brother where shocked how much faster and visualy better my ATI 9800xt ran. Hes upgrade from 5900 to 9800 pro was a streight swap card for card. He payed £277 for that Nvidia 5900 and at the time he did that swap the 9800 pro was only £115. There is a real good difference between these cards in game play. That gen of nvidia cards was when nvidia cheated the 3dmark from which my bro made hes perchase on. He had nothink but graphical clitches on nearly every game. DX9 games ran crap as nvidia didnt make their drivers to use it correclty. It was my friend that has his 5900 he wanted the tv in and out and other features.
  3. DeathDealer71 thats great that you think the games is great more so on your system. My brother spec is like yours. Hes computer has done a very good job at most games and did not regret his upgrade from his 5950 to the 9800 pro. Hes playing a older game at the moment The Chronicles of Riddick the graphics look exelent, the game runs so smooth on his pc. The Chronicles of Riddick on my pc runs at 1600 x 1280 full AF full settings and runs better than GRAW even at 800 x 600. When your use to playing games with good visuals then put GRAW in that runs like a dog, he would rather not play it at all. Again everybody seems to have a different view on whats exceptable and what runs smooth. Put GR1 in and I feel like the sharp shooter I once was. The mouse is ultra fast responce. Look at UT2004 a 2 year old game, looks stunning runs like a dream. Im gona pass on this game athough iv perchased it, I dont think its worthy of a £300 pc upgrade when no other game needs this pc power to get exceptable visuals and performance. If all current games run crap on my pc then yes a upgrade is needed but that simply is not the case. jonelo some nice bench marks other than 3dmark tools what other ones are used?
  4. Hi Right click on your desktop GRAW icon sellect propoties then find target. With the folder that opens up goto, Settings/profiles and backup the folder in there named graw_profile_default. uninstall the game and delete any folders relating to GRAW before re-installing it again. Once installed replace teh graw_profile_default folder to its correct location.
  5. Right guys for the reason of elimination iv gone the full way wiht this game. Fresh Install of windows xp pro. Latest drivers and updates on everythink. I made the point of installing nothink els other than whats needed. heres is my final view on this. The game visualy looks simply awfull in order to get the 50fps range in which to alow drop on fps. As said its a harsh game on recorces but without good reason IMHO. Countless times iv had comments from friends playing older games where they say to me what the hell happend to GRAW. It seems if you play it long enougth you start forgiving the poor visuals untill you see other games again. What it should be like is, My system spec should be playing the game looking better than BF2, Far cry, Fear but with loss of slight performance and the higher new gen PCs should be astounded in what they see, hear and play. Im sorry guys but 33fps which is average on what im getting is very poor for game play/visual/performance ratio based on older games. X2 cpu had only just came out when I upgraded upto a AMD san diego 3700+ which is the same core as the AMD FX cpu. My pc is water cooled and running as I speak above the FX57 which is 2.8gig. My gfx Card was a wise upgrade from my 9800XT as it over doubled its performance and plays every other game currently avalible with ease. My sytem is behind the next gen but not to the point of a worthless computer. Im sure like others that have simula spec as me feel the same. Money is money I paid ###### loads on my pc and shouldnt have to upgrade yet. Im playing this game and then thinking! hang on the visuals are effecting my gameplay, at times distant enimies cant be seen. I have a 19" pure flat CRT its ultra crisp and if a game has bad visuals it shows them. AA Full screen yes but not full Image. I wanted edge AA not a motion blur filter over my whole screen. Ok il stop here its becoming a rant, please excuse my fusteration.
  6. funny thing was I uninstalled the 1.16 patch and the prob remains will install from scratch.
  7. sorry to hijack your post arjun_ak, here are my answers to thoes questions. 1) No (Whats that for?) 2) No 3) No 4) yes then no then yes full screen (effected only gun first time in menu) 5) no 6) no 7) yes 8) yes 9) no game reinstall is next though.
  8. Thanks Colin. will check that out. Ok, so ive defraged which it did need doing, reinstalled drivers, created more space on HD all the basic things to make the pc run as it should. As expected its made no difference at all. Now to add to that iv got a nice black screen with only sky visable. cant beleave how long iv had this game and still cant play it. Being the fact that all other games run flawlesslysimply means its not my pc its this dam game.
  9. See minimum game requirments. Bottom of Thread How come im getting this prob? iv got a X800XT.
  10. My gfx just looked simply crap but did have a problem with weapon in menu showing black once. Iv just defraged my pc started up the game and guess what! Iv got nice sky and everythink els is black as the ace of spades. My card is supported and have this problem now.
  11. This isnt another rant I realy want to beable to play this game but for some reason its just so far from playable with half exceptable visuals. Being iv got 2 gig of ocz gold ram , 2.8gig san diego cpu and a X800XT gfx card this game should run and look exceptional. On average iv getting 33fps the mouse is so laged id find a games controler faster which I personly hate for fps games. Im in hope that theres just one setting on my pc that iv missed or somthink but every other game runs very fast in my pc. To mention a few: BF1942 full max setting 1600 x 1280 extreemly smooth. BF2, again runs great on full settings at 1280 x 1024. Farcry at 1280 x 1024 full settings runs fantastic. COD2 1280 x 1024 full settings runs smooth. Doom 3 Fear UT2004 They all run and look very nice visualy. Ok back to this game. Bad mouse lag, AA just blurs the whole screen not the edges, If I run this game at 800 x 600 4x af no aa med settings then it runs but looks like a 10 year old game thats run on a £15 gfx card. I love this game def one of the best for game play but just cant play it like this. If anyone has any idear why its runing so bad please let me know.
  12. guns in menu are all black, AA apears to be covering more than just edges, the whole screen appears blured?
  13. Sandbox editor for farcry lets you make complete levels, nice scripted events, sounds tracks, weather systems, everythink you could want to make a complete level for single player action or MP. Im realy looking forward to this as it could keep the single player part of this game open by sharing these custom levels.
  14. I hope so as it would be great to make single player missions for this game. I cant imigine its anywhere near as good as the sandbox editor, id be shocked if it was though.
  15. Just wondering weather GRINS map editor will have the functions to make single player missions like the sandbox editor for farcry?
  16. Theres a dedicated pined thred for the v1.10 stability patch. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35252
  17. Good move G.R.I.N. Shows your doing your best to make a good game a fantastic game with upto date coms. I hope that the actual frame rate will be more solid from june patch as this is my main issue. Unplayable at this moment on good spec rig. Keep it up and look forward to reaping the rewards from your hard work.
  18. These tempretures are dam high You talking like 120c not f? I remember my 9800XT was a hot card at 72c full load. My x800xt is only 35c idle and 39c load. I wouldnt want a card in my tower giving that heat out even if it could cope with it. Water cooling mite be better! My card is cooled by A danger den block does a great job. Iv used this block on 2 other GFX cards before this current one, well worth going water.
  19. does all other games run as usual on your pc? if so just wait untill the big patch comes out. Iv given up playng it altogether as I dont want to destroy my experence with this game as it is. I dont wnat to be a beta test on a game on perchased I want to enjoy it.
  20. I had done a test and clocked my cpu down to 1.6gig or somthink quite low and it made not one diference in frame rate from 2.8gig. The game is very GPU and memory dependant. Like most people have sugested GFX card is the upgrade to make a difference but to be honnest when the game gets the proper patch will be the test as most peoples computers can run the most demanding games at reasonable frame rates and visuals, GRAW isnt there on either yet to performance ratio.
  21. Hardest bit of that mission is keeping alive when your men are dead. After you carry him to the Halo you gota keep alive untill they come back for you. Get upstairs keep low.
  22. On the subject of patch fixes how far will a patch actualy go? There seems some things missing in this game like Limping when shot, showing damage in certain areas of the body, jumping into another member of the team to when your dead or to make good use out of the weaponds. Blood, assignable keys to weaponds, target icon colour changes, AA, Decent frame rates on lower end computers just to mention a few. Wont it be that most of these features wont be added or can they without major work?
  23. Thats cool guys thanks. Good to see different ways work. My mistake was not sellecting a different gun.
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