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  1. He he mate - you didn't think I was serious, did ya? *looking for the [sARCASM][/sARCASM] tags* Mike
  2. [PANIC] OMG! OMG! They are already working on a patch!! This can ONLY mean that GRAW is going to be very buggy from the start!!! [/PANIC] Mike
  3. Congratulations GRIN :g_cheers: ! I am looking forward to playing GRAW like only a handful of games before it. I hope that it will be a (worthy) huge success and that UBI will sell a million copies, which of course hopefully will make you - the developers - GRINNING all the way to the bank! Now. Me dont want to see another screenshot or video... Me wanna PLAY the demo! Mike
  4. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! You'all of course realize that this means that GRAW is running on an engine from 1999!!! I am SOO disappointed! MadMike PS: I didn't really need an english translation. I watched The Swedish Chef on Muppet Show a lot as a kid
  5. ...Yeah - we mainly played the Co-Op - but did enjoy little shoot-outs at 'The Castle'! ← By the way - has there already been a poll like: "How will you primarily be playing GRAW?" ( ) SP ( ) MP ( ) COOP If not, this might be interesting. Oh and I am a COOP guy myself by the way. Mike
  6. I am sorry, but I have to get this off my chest. I must admit that I am starting to feel embarassed as I read through some of the comments in this forum. Practically none of us have played or even seen the game yet, but some of us are already discussing all the things in the game that we absolutely hate and want to change as soon as possible! How on earth do you think this makes the developers feel? They have been working hard for years to create a game that - in their own words - they want us to be proud of and enjoy for years to come. If I were a GRIN developer I would keep my mouth well shut and not tell us anything, because anything they tell us will be taken out of context and dissected in a ridiculous degree even though we have no knowledge of the overall feel/vision of the game and therefore can only be guessing about a given subjects influence on the gameplay. In analyzing the answers from the GRIN team in this forum, it seems obvious that they know what they are doing and that they have thought long and hard about EVERY aspect of the game. Being fans of the original GR, it seems they will go to extraordinary length to ensure a worthy successor. So - for crying out loud - can we please WAIT until we have PLAYED the damn game (or at least a demo) before we start whining about the things that need to changed. I find some of the comments here incredibly childish, but even worse: VERY DISRESPECTFUL TO THE DEVELOPERS! Show a little faith for now - there will be plenty time for whining later! OR you might be pleasantly suprised to find nothing to whine about... Mike
  7. I hope the GRAW stickers on the trashcan dont say: WHEN DONE PLAYING, THRASH GAME HERE! :'( Mike
  8. @Dan: What can I say... GRIN rocks! (LITERALLY!) Why dont we play > FIND ULF < in that picture @BoGRIN: Stop it or we will send BS Christiansen (Danish celebrity Special Forces guy who is like Chuck Norris on Steroids) to take back Skåne, Halland and Blekinge! Mike
  9. Ha ha Desmond - du har tyvär ret. Vinter OL er ikke lige vores kop te National feud aside - I am glad to see our swedish brothers in charge of making a worthy followup on GR1 HEJA SVERIGE! I wont be surprised at all though if the terrorists in GRAW are burning Danish flags and/or embassy in the game Mike
  10. Yup - this is exactly why we (the Danes) dont trust the Swedes. They speak with two tongues (and in a language we dont understand!) This is also the reason why we often fight the Swedes over border-issues and like to kick their butts in football! (they make good games though ) Mike
  11. Well Rocky - You can keep the GRAW manual. What I totally need to own is the GRAW dustbin seen at the lower right on this pic How cool is that! http://fz.se/bildarkiv/image.php?id=24912 Mike
  12. Well, judging from the new pictures from fz.se, Ulf definately must be no 34, which of course is not on Desmonds list... So then - I was right http://fz.se/bildarkiv/image.php?id=24910 What have I won? A pre-sales version of GR:AW you say. Well, thanks! Mike
  13. Ulf from ECTS 2001 That pic has been in our Library for a few weeks now, love the T shirts. ← Colin is being modest. He posted an "Ulf" link in the sixth post of this thread that linked to a gallery with that picture. I think most people didn't notice. For the record, I love the T-shirt, too. I want one. Might have to make one. ← Hmm.. Sorry about that. I always bit*h about how people should read the complete thread before asking or stating things that have already been asked or stated. And here I go doing the same thing myself I DID read the whole thread, but I totally missed Colins link (the link was very small and easily missed though) OK - ENOUGH ALREADY! Let us know the answer! OR ELSE... Mike
  14. Well, after posting my own guess above, I did some google'ing (I have nothing else to do while waiting for GR:AW!) and sure enough - there they were; Ulf & Bo Andersson Maybe this can kick some new life into the guessing game Mike
  15. Hmm. Thats a tough nut to crack I think the only people in the picture who bears the slightest family resemblance with Bo is no 6 and no 34. Since no 34 is not in the list, I would have to go for no 6 Best regards Mike
  16. Thanks Colin - very happy to be here I am Even though this is one of my first posts, I have been checking GR.net daily for my GR fix for a decade (well, almost) Sorry to hijack this thread - whose purpose seem to be a righteous one - with my post above. I hope that sarcasm is concept well understood here in these forums Anyway - happy to be here. Mike
  17. Comon guys - stop bothering the GRIN crew - they are (or should be!) hard at work making sure we get a perfect GRAW as soon as possible The more you ask where they live, what their pets names are, what kind of bicycle they ride and what shoe-size they use, the more delayed the game will be GET A GRIP PEOPLE GRIN Crew: Dont listen to them - get back to working on the game! Mike
  18. Good AI in COD2? Ok, it isn't bad but absolutely not good! I mean, tango's and even your allied AI just keep running around corners, where a machine gun is shooting non stop, as if they are unvurnable. Those others are indeed ok, nut COD2 no way. Just had to get that off my chest. The rest of your post I agree totally , I also prefer gameplay above graphics ← Well, I did find the AI in CoD2 quite enjoyable (the best in the CoD/MoH series sofar). I played on the hardest level and found that the enemy AI was quite good at digging in and forcing myself and my allies to retreat time and time again /Mike
  19. Hi there, I must admit that I share daztrek's concerns. AI to me is what makes or breaks a game. This is true in SP of course but especially in COOP, where the human squad tends to kick ass and really needs qualified resistance The best gaming experiences I have ever had were: Ravenshield Call of Duty 2 SWAT4 Far Cry Ghost Recon Why? Because of the hard and fun AI, thats why! My COOP squad and I continue to play GR1 and Ravenshield because the AI is so much bloody fun to play against. We continue to be pleasently surprised by the Ravenshield AI that sometimes behaves very cleverly and unexpected The worst gaming experiences I have ever had were: R6 Lockdown BF Vietnam Joint Operations Why? Yup - you guessed it - because of bad and predictable AI Beautiful graphics is good to look at, but if you want a game thats fun to play and has great replay value in SP/COOP there is no way around it - You'll need great AI! I hope and pray that GRIN is the right company to do just that I'll take great AI over great looking graphics anyday Best regards Mike
  20. Dear All, This is my first post here, but I have been checking this website for decades (hmm.. almost ) GR.NET has always been my primary source of GR related informaton. Now, back to the topic I have voted for woodland forest because I think this particular environment proved (in GR1) to be the most immersive and difficult landscape to fight in. Adversely the desert environment in Desert Siege were just too easy because the enemy had nowhere to hide and were easily picked out with a sniper The forest maps/missions in GR1 were - IMO - the best. I remember the first time I stood in the forest of the M01: Iron Dragon mission. The trees and bushes were swaying in the wind making me jump all the time thinking I saw enemy movement. That was awesome - and something I never experienced in a computer game before So I think some dense forest/mountain which would provide for both close combat (amongst the trees/bushes) and long range fighting (sniper posts/nests in the mountains) would be ideal. Perhaps I am just getting a little tired of fighting in urban environments (R6, SWAT4, Ravenshield, GRAW?) Best regards Mike
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