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  1. I find it very strange that updating the ageia drivers will make the game run smoother if you dont have the physx card AND at the same time that uninstalling the drivers will have no influence on the game at all. I just uninstalled the drivers and the game seems to be working fine without Mike
  2. I am no expert on human vision, but I will try and answer you anyway. I am one of those having problems with the FOV implemented in GRAW. First off, I have played many 3D FPS for many hours in a row without problems. As I understand it, a game normally implements a player Field Of View (FOV) of 90 degrees. Some games implement other degrees of FOV (85, 80) and this causes problems for a number of players. Somehow our brains detect that something is not right and this results in motion sickness. I am having these problems in Vietcong, First2Fight and Oblivion, where it has been confirmed that the FOV is less than 90. I have never had a problem in games where the FOV has been >= 90. I hope this answers what it is exactly that we are experiencing. Mike
  3. Maybe we can ask Rocky to include this in his 'demo issues' thread: (http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=33371) - Some people reportedly get motion sickness from the FOV being < 90 - We request for the FOV to be user settable Mike
  4. I am having some problems with motion sickness in GRAW after playing it for a while. I am having the same problems in just a few other titles: Vietcong, First 2 Fight and Oblivion, so its definately linked to a FOV less than 90. I too am hoping for a configuration file parameter to set the FOV in the retail game. Mike
  5. Maybe you need 1GB of video RAM to get blood..... Mike
  6. Agreed, very annoying. And the words just stay there, so if someone types "I like beef" and no one else types anything the rest of the game, then you get to see that the rest of the game until it burns into your brain, until you really like beef when you never even liked it before. ← Heey - I like beef!!! Mike
  7. I suppose that this is what you are talking about: Ageia Drivers Have you tried these drivers? Are there any other benefits from using the newer drivers (performance etc)? Mike
  8. I really dont think it serves a point to discuss what we want in an add-on when we haven't played the full game yet! I dont think the demo has showed us every aspect of the game. Mike
  9. The problem is that at some point the retail GRAW WILL appear as warez. BUT by downloading it, you are (apart from breaking the law) actively taking part in killing tactical shooters as a future genre on the PC. If you dont like GRAW, dont buy it. But if you like it and want to play it - then please buy it. Mike
  10. Just a reaction to Rocky's announcement. I hope that everyone here will recognize the fact that we (if we want to play it) SIMPLY NEED to purchase this product if we are to hope that UBI/GRIN will continue the GR/R6 series and will provide support for future add-ons and patches. The better sales a product like GRAW PC gets, the better the future for tactical shooters on the PC platform looks. Lets all contribute to that. Mike
  11. I am pretty sure that .bundle and .bank are specific files for the GRAW engine. I have never seen these before and I am a config-file tweaking freak I would love to get into the HUD files and remove the multiplayer talk window Mike
  12. Naah, a couple of cry babies drove them insane and made them leave in anger a week or so ago Mike
  13. I sat down with a mate yesterday and played LAN COOP for a few hours. It played like a charm, but I noticed that while I got into the weapons selection screen (I was hosting) and the narrator dude started talking to me (check your kit selection bla bla...), his screen was black. He first got into the weapons selection screen the second the narrator dude had finished talking. What this means exactly - I dont know Mike
  14. I gave the GRAW demo 8/10. I think this is the best thing that has happened in the R6/GR genre in years. ::Graphics:: I think the graphics are beautiful and very suitable for this kind of game. It does the job very well. ::Gameplay:: I think the gameplay is very promising. I like how everything is working (except for a few things) and I love the attention to detail (physics) that GRIN has put into the game. Likes: - Sliding - Weapons - Having to go from cover to cover - Physics are very fun and immersive in the game Needs looking into: - Too few multiplayer CO-OP options -> aka Spawns (individual/team) as in GR1 -> aka Choosing a squad leader as in GR1 - Quick change of weapons (the menu thing is too slow) ::Sound:: Overall very good. Only issue is that I think the ricochetting sounds are too loud. Especially because they seem to be very repeating/alike. I think the volume should be lowered and some random filter effects might be applied which would create the illusion of the sounds being different. Its a bit annoying when being shot at by the enemy that the ricochetting sounds are so lound that they drown all other sounds and they sound very similar/looping. ::Performance:: Works very well on my PCs, both my high-end and my mid-range PC. Its even better performing than I had feared. I think this engine is perfect for GR and I am sure that all minor issues will be ironed out by GRIN over time. Very well done GRIN Mike
  15. In the renderer_settings.xml you can try to set some of the "medium" settings to "high". I tried this - as I have 256MB video RAM and cannot choose "high" in the GUI - but when I set everything to "high" my framerate drops dramatically. But I can get away with setting some things to "high". You need to experiment a little with this to get the best result. Mike
  16. You get 1 SP mission (mission 2) which you can also play in 4-player CO-OP. Mike
  17. Hi there. First off I want to say how neat and tidy the HUD looks in GRAW. Well done GRIN There is only one thing that bugs me slightly. I CO-OP there is a window at the top of my HUD apparently used for talking (writing) with your mates. Well, my mates are sitting right next to me so I usually just shout at them It is a little intrusive and I would like to turn if off. Does anyone know how this can be done? Thanks Mike
  18. I have a 7800GT with 256MB RAM and I only get low/medium. "Thats Odd!" Rocky, what GFX card do you have? EDIT: AARGH! Too slow. I am sure the answer is in your 512MB video RAM. Mike
  19. Yep - I noticed better performance after installing the Forceware 84.21 drivers. Mike
  20. I agree. Even on HARD I got to surprise the enemy on several occations. There was a perfect balance in how I approached the enemy and how well they discovered me. Mike
  21. Yes Rocky - I noticed the same 'bug' right away. I saw an enemy shooting at me in prone position so I went to prone position myself, but was unable to get the aimpoint low enough to shoot at him. Very frustrating Otherwise - this is one hell of a game. Mike
  22. Which link mate - the 3 last links are incomplete it seems. Mike ← And top one seems a bit suspicious with some wierd 69kb .exe ← The peerfactor seems to download some kind of download manager - so I am not going any further with that. Dont want my PC infected just as I am about to play GRAW demo
  23. Which link mate - the 3 last links are incomplete it seems. Mike
  24. Maybe this helps: Half-life was released on Thursday, but the Blue Shift expansion pack was released on a Friday. Then again the patch for the expansion pack was released on a Thursday, but I downloaded it on a Monday! The demo will probably arrive when its are ready. Mike
  25. I also want to thank GRIN for their excellent and unprecedented community support. I really hoped that this would prove to be the future of developer/community interaction, but some spoiled kids who doesn't know how to communicate to other people with respect and tact apparently proved me wrong today! Sorry for that GRIN - you did your best and a lot of us really appreciate it. I vote for the admins to put their foot down hard and let people know what happens to people who acts like a baby. Mike
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