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  1. Hi TangoGulf, I am playing purely Co-Op and I like it a lot. I think it still needs some tweaking before it reaches the level of GR1, but its getting there very fast (with every patch). IMO a few issues are still holding GRAW Co-Op back from being all it can be and thats: 1) You can't re-spawn when you die 2) The game ends when the host dies 3) You cant choose how many AI backup players you want in the game. When I play with a friend, there are 2 AI backup players. We "park" them at the beginning of the map instead of bringing them along, so my friend can spawn into them when he dies. In some maps, he will be getting accused of going AWOL when spawning into them and he just dies 2 times. All this - it seems - will get changed/tweaked over the summer maybe even in the next patch. If you search the Co-Op threads in this forum, you will find a list of things to come in upcoming patches and many of them are Co-Op related. EDIT: Found the quote from UBISOFT: "Throughout the summer: Team Deathmatch, Hamburger Hill modes, Original GR co-op mode, Map editor for TDM, HH, [GR] co-op, GRAW co-op improvement (quick start and respawn) and Dedicated Server pack" GRAW Co-Op is good fun right now, but it is my clear belief that once these things get changed/tweaked, GRAW Co-Op will be every bit as addictive as GR1 Co-Op and thats a hell of a lot (still playing it on my 5th year so...) /MadMike
  2. OK - then why not get one of your business peeps to post us all an update. I for one would like a reason to be upbeat about the future of this game without relying on blind faith.... OliverReed, the "business peeps" are called UBISOFT. Why dont you ask them on their official forums?
  3. I just installed the MOD and I must say that its brilliant! Makes CO-OP play even better. Well done Mike
  4. I too would like to thank Desmond / GRIN for sticking with us and providing some insight into how game developers see things. It appears that they are just people like you and me and should be treated accordingly. Most of the grown up people in here did what we would do in real life and provided our constructive feedback (good and/or bad) in the pinned SP/MP/COOP feedback threads. This was compiled and sent to GRIN. I hope and believe that this is the best way to interact with game developers. This way they can ignore all the other whining and concentrate on the constructive feedback. I for one As long as there is dialogue, there is always hope! Keep bitching/moaning/whining and you will eventually (which almost happened here) kill the dialogue and hence the hope. Mike
  5. Hi, I am not saying that there is not a need for a full explanation of the renderer_settings.xml (and personal tweaking experience reports), but for starters there are some good points and explanations in Mr. Koroush Ghazi's excellent tweaking guide for GRAW: http://www.tweakguides.com/GRAW_1.html I for one am trying very hard to make my secondary PC with a Nvidia 6800GT run satisfactory (>40 FPS) and tweaking experiences from others might help. Mike
  6. Here are my CO-OP thoughts/wishes: - More game modes (firefight, ghost hunt, hostage rescue, search & rescue, bomb defusal, defend etc. etc.) Mexico City is awesome and very playable. Now let us really explore it with more game modes - "Threat indicator" in compass should be settable Removing the Threat indicator will help make GRAW even harder - Respawns should be settable (individual/team/unlimited like in GR1) It might not apply in "Campaign" mode, but is needed in other modes - "Game ends when ghost leader dies" should be toggable - The "Ghost Leader" should be user electable like in GR1 - Add civilians who must now be killed (perhaps make it user toggable) The prescense of civilians makes the game so much more immersive and hard - Add Death Cam where killed ghosts can still observe the game - Add the possibility of more coop players - Make the Communication/Chat Window user toggable Its quite intrusive - Make it user selectable whether we want to have AI backups in the game Like in Ravenshield - More weapons Cant wait for HX5 for GRAW! - Fix the prone aim bug - Make as much as possible user settable We love nothing more than options! Elaboration: I think that Mexico City map is an awesome environment for GRAW. So lets get the absolute most out of it and give us some more game modes. So much time has been put into recreating Mexico City that it would be a pitty not to let us explore every inch of Mexico City in a lot of different game modes (the possibilities are endless) where the AI can move more freely (non-scripted) and be more aggressive than in Campaign. Mike
  7. I think that the 'GRAW FULL GAME FEEDBACK' and 'TOP TEN THINGS TO ADD' sticky threads are great. And by reading them I see a pattern of common things that people think should be changed/fixed. BUT, how do we get this feedback to GRIN after they left the forum (thanks to some people). Its great that we discuss until we turn blue in the face, but if it never leaves this forum for GRIN/UBI to reflect on - whats the point. If the add-on/patch is due to be out in June, the feedback should probably be delivered to GRIN asap. Also, do we need to compile the 2 above mentioned threads for make it easier for GRIN to digest. Rocky/Colin/anyone - do you guys have a plan for how this will happen? Mike
  8. Sorry Colin - just couldn't narrow it down to 10 ### PERFORMANCE ### Every graphics/performance setting in the XML files (and maybe even more) should be settable from the game itself Field of View (FOV) should be settable from the game or from a XML file VSYNC (on/off) should be settable from the game or from a XML file Post Effects should be settable (high/medium/low/off) from the game Dead bodies dissapear (on/off) should be settable from the game ### GAMEPLAY ### More CO-OP game modes (Terrorist Hunt seems obvious) The HUD should be customisable somewhat like Ravenshield; 1 person weapon on/off, chat window on/off The crosshair should be customisable with regards to both size/shape and color Threat indication (in the compass) should be settable (on/off) from the game The weapons should be key mappable You should be able to set ROE for your friendly AI (recon/fire at will) You should be able to switch between friendly AI tight formation and relaxed formation. Current state is relaxed formation (AI sometimes get 50 meters behind) The HUD elements should have user settable transparancy We should have a 'VERY HARD' difficulty setting. If 'HARD' seems manageable today, think of ½ year from now when everybody know the maps and the game dynamics. Then only the freshness/unpredictablility of the AI can prevent the game from being outdated. More unpredictability in the enemy AI ### POSSIBLE BUGS/OTHER STUFF ### You should be able to aim lower than currently possible when proned Mod tools More blood? The richocetting sounds should be lowered slightly in volume. Maybe more randomisation/filtering could be applied to the sounds But overall I feel this is a great game that will become even greater as it matures with add-ons/patches and mods. Mike
  9. Please stop posting when you expect your copy of GRAW to arrive. This is utterly irrelevant to the subject: "GRAW FULL GAME FEEDBACK ONLY" Also I personally would like for this thread to be mostly FEEDBACK for the full game and not so much comments to the feedback, if you know what I mean. Otherwise the true feedback will just drown and this thread be very difficult to read in a day or two. Thanks. Mike
  10. Koroush Ghazi, who writes these guides is an undisputed tweak guru and it is always a pleasure to read his guides. I am a tweak freak myself and I always find good stuff in his guides. Folks with problems should also read his excellent System and Graphics driver guides. Mike
  11. I dont think the answer is simple. To stay in your terminology. You can uninstall the Ageia PhysX drivers and the demo will still run fine. The demo will NOT run if you uninstall DirectX. So its not the same thing. Mike
  12. You're right. It said - during installation of the demo - that the drivers were NEEDED even though no physx card was installed! I dont have a physx card and like to have a tidy gaming OS, so I have uninstalled the physx drivers on both my PC's and GRAW still works fine! So I really dont think it is NEEDED when the physx card is absent. Mike
  13. I had mentioned this car issue also. I think the problem is arising because the bots are recognising the entire car as cover and feeling safe, but bullets are passing through windows and hitting them. Also, both enemies and Ghosts, keeping their heads down and not returning fire, when being suppressed, would be great. ← Yep - you are right. A lot depends on how much the AI's "know" about the different covers (destructable windows, doors etc). I guess we wont know for sure until the devs hopefully give us information on how the AI works. Mike
  14. I have to agree that - other than a few glitches - the AI seem more and more impressive the longer you play. But most important of all - the AI is FUN to play with/against. Only 'complain' that I have so far is that when I place friendly AI behind a car and tell them to cover. If the enemy starts laying supressive fire on that AI, he will remain standing and never decide that enough is enough and drop to proned position to get out of harms way. This always ends with the friendly AI's death. I think he should decide sooner that he needs to get behind cover and stay behind cover until the supressive fire stops. Mike
  15. Well, if I remember correctly then the death animations are a combination of motion capture and ragdoll physics, so I think you will always have an odd chance of something funny happening. In my screencap above, I blasted the poor guy with a grenade. That obviously threw him against (and into) the wall Mike
  16. Heh Heh - nice ones! What about this one: Look at me! I can do a backstand into the wall! Mike
  17. I cant help but thinking that binoculars would make the game too easy in CO-OP. I agree that it should be included in SP, but maybe it should be 1) not available in CO-OP at all 2) only available to the Ghost Leader in CO-OP I really dont want this game to be too easy! Mike
  18. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but my question is sort of in line with it. On several locations, when I get pinned down by enemy suppressing fire, I am having some issues with the ricochetting sounds. When the enemy is suppressing and thus hitting a wall with many bullets and I am placed a couple of meters from that wall, the ricochetting sounds are so loud that they block out every other sound in the game including my own shooting. Does any of you think that the ricochetting sounds are too loud and should be lowered slightly? I would have expected to hear the bullet2wall impact sounds louder than the ricochetting sounds? Remember I am just 1-2 meters away from the wall. Desmond, if you are reading this (I LOVE the sound work in GRAW), I would love a comment from you too PS: I have an Audigy 4, so its probably not a question of my sound HW not having enough simultaneous voices Mike
  19. I think another gig of RAM would be your best option. When I went from 1 to 2GB I saw major performance gains in just about every game I play (BF2, FEAR, CoD2 etc etc). Your drops in FPS MIGHT be caused by the game having to load new textures from harddisk from time to time. Remember that 1 gig of memory is MINIMUM requirement for the game! You might want to look for harddisk activity (HDD LED blinking) when the FPS drops. This might tell you if you need another gig of RAM or not. Mike
  20. Sorry mate - my bad. I type faster than I think, so unfortunately 84.56 came out as 85.64. Sorry Beware though. 84.56 is apparently having issues. I get shimmering textures on both my 6800GT and 7800GT in GRAW and some other texture problems in Act of War: High Treason! Mike
  21. Thats what I did. First I set all 'managed' values to FALSE and did some testing. And then I set them all to TRUE and did the same tests. Sorry to say - no difference. Not saying that no-one might experience a difference depending on HW setup. Mike
  22. I think the lethality balance is just right. I want a tough and challenging game and I find that when shooting at the body of my enemies from a good distance away, it normally takes 2-3 shots for a kill. When I am able to get a headshot or a body shot up close, its usually 1-2 shots for a kill. Also in LAN CO-OP I find that the lethality of the enemies weapons on myself is well balanced as well considering that there is no respawn. So all in all, I am very content. Mike
  23. I upgraded from FW 84.21 to 85.64 and experienced approx. 5-10 FPS improvement in GRAW. I am sure that the older drivers you are running with now, the better your improvement will be by upgrading. EDIT: AAAARGH!!! Of course I mean from FW 84.21 to 84.56, not 85.64 - SORRY! Mike
  24. Same here. Tried it and absolutely no difference. Mike
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