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  1. Miserere nostri, Domine (Lord, we have sinned against you) TAW_Humburg - you have the lead - best pic yet MadMike
  2. It seems like absolutely EVERYONE loves this game MadMike
  3. Still waiting for my copy, but my friend below already got his Judging from the text, I'm not sure if he likes it or not, though! MadMike
  4. Dear GRIN, First off - congratulations with completing GRAW2. It looks like a very interesting game. I had a question in the SP Demo Feedback topic, asking if not being able to pick up ammo like in GRAW1 was a bug? GRIN_Wolfsong was kind enough to PM me that it was not a bug and that you had the choice of picking up an enemy weapon instead. May I ask you why you decided to change picking up ammo - a gameplay aspect that I thought worked very well in GRAW1? Thanks MadMike
  5. EDIT: No bother - found the answer myself. MadMike
  6. That happens when the AI is in Assault mode. Not a bug. Ahh! Cool
  7. Dear GRIN. Overall I like the SP demo of GRAW2 a lot. It is very promising of the full game and MUCH more GR1 than GRAW (which I also liked, btw). For me, this is a very good thing I have a few suggestions/findings that I would like to state: Request: Make insertions a combination of cinematic (the first part) and FPS (the exit from the heli + fast roping) Request: Make extrations a combination of FPS (entering the heli) and cinematic Request: Bring back double-click to add/subtract weapon options Request: Make mouse scroll work in pre-mission briefings and in Options/Controls Request: Make friendly AI cheerleading/nagging (Capt'n!, Cap'tn!, Capt'n!, Capt'n!) optional Request: Make blue friendly diamonds optional just like the red enemy diamonds Request: Make a way to stop the pre-mission briefing video/narration (it can be annoying to listen to many times) Request: Options/Video/Advanced/Postprocessing Effects only has low/high. A medium setting could be nice Request: Voices/Narration is a bit annoying at times. Could we have separate volume settings for Music/Sound/Voices please Request: Bring back weapon stats to compare different loadouts quickly Bug?: I am not able to equip my friendly AI with backpack items (grenades) Bug?: "Cover That" seems to trigger friendly AI to start shooting wildly in that direction for no reason Bug?: I didn't seem to be able to pick up ammo as in GRAW1 Bug: Gun sounds (my weapon) seems to go silent/off sometimes (SB Audigy 4) Bug: The guy saying "You found the first Artillery" sometimes loop until both artillery are blown up Respectfully, MadMike
  8. Wasn't the red diamonds an option in GRAW1? I think it was, so it will probably also be an option in GRAW2 Mike
  9. ^ Yeah, its also popular in Denmark. I am wondering if its primarily widespread in the Nordic countries. Mike
  10. Hi, The "3" graphic is a company/technology logo for a third generation mobile phone network/services. http://www.three.co.uk/ Mike
  11. Sorry, but I have to disagree. IMO ARMA has NO atmosphere whatsoever. Its almost clinical in its lack of atmosphere. Stalker has TONS of atmosphere which would suit a future Ghost Recon game very well. Some of my alltime favourite SP/COOP maps were the forest maps in GR1. I still get goosebumps when I think back of these maps. The tension of knowing that one hit will kill you, the nighttime setting, the shining moon, the swaying trees which makes everything look like a moving enemy, the sound of the wind, the owl and the creeking trees. All this made these forest maps in GR1 the most atmospheric tactical shooter game world I have ever experienced until now with Stalker. And this is why I cannot help myself thinking that something equivalent to the Stalker engine would suit Ghost Recon so much if we were to return to the big open outdoor atmospheric landscapes that we used to know. Mike
  12. Folks, this is NOT a discussion of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game! Its a mind-experiment to try to imagine how great Ghost Recon could be with this kind of graphics/open landscape/environment/day-night-cyclus etc: "So close your eyes for a second and try to imagine Ghost Recon running on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R X-Ray engine" Mike
  13. Dear all, While waiting for GRAW 2, I am playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R at the moment and absolutely loving it. It has just about everything that I like in a game of this genre. Now, I am one of those guys who is still hoping once again to experience an open landscape tactical shooter like GR1 So while playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R, it struck me How nice would it be to use this graphics engine in a Ghost Recon setting! Some examples: link to large image link to large image link to large image I think the graphics in S.T.A.L.K.E.R is absolutely awesome. The day/night cycle is really great and adds tons of atmosphere in the game. If this cycle could be fully integrated in the tactical gameplay, it could be very very interesting. So close your eyes for a second and try to imagine Ghost Recon running on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R X-Ray engine I think that would be totally awesome! What do you think? Mike MODERATOR EDIT: Large images changed to links per the forum rules.
  14. I can help translating part of the article: Britneys babyshock Maybe pregnant - for the third time! MadMike
  15. My thoughts exactly. When we play, we play to have fun. And its not fun when one or two players have to sit and wait 30-50 minutes for the others to die or complete the mission. In GR1 (which I played in CO-OP this weekend), we know that we have 2 lives. This means that you start playing very openly and when you die the first time you switch into stealth sneaky mode to avoid getting killed a second time In GRAW, knowing that you only have one life, everyone is in stealthy sneaky mode from the start, and no one wants to take point and take any chances risking to be left out for the remainder of the game. So a respawn option would really open up the gameplay for us and enhance the fun. BTW. Has there ever been any discussion/information of putting the respawn option into the GRAW CO-OP SP missions? I know that it is in the new 3 GRAW [GR] CO-OP missions. MadMike
  16. Well, Skratte - sure didn't want to sound harsh there (only sarcastic) but as Postal said, I dont want super realism - I just want have fun when playing games and I think GRAW has achieved that. I am glad also to hear that others have enjoyed 4 player CO-OP. I am very fortunate to have 3 ex-army buddies living relatively close to me. So every Wednesday after work they pack their cars with computers and head for my place for 6 hours of CO-OP fun. We all like to try to apply real-life tactics to the tactical games we play and GRAW, I think, lets us do that just fine. I really think that CO-OP is an overseen feature in many games and a feature with the potential for great fun. We have had so many fantastic CO-OP moments in both Tactical FPS and Tactical RTS games. With regards to respawns. I know that there are as many oppinions about respawns as there are players, but all I want is the OPTION. Then everyone could have it just the way they want MadMike
  17. I wasn't aware there were respawns in life, I must have missed that in the manual. Dear Skratte, I have some information that might come as shock to you... GRAW is not Real Life! GRAW is a computer game, primarily made for people to have fun with! MadMike
  18. Dear All, After having waited from back when GRAW came out until now, it was finally time to start playing GRAW CO-OP! The plan was to handpick 4 CO-OP players and wait until GRAW was stable enough to enjoy. That day was yesterday where 3 buddies and I got together and played through the first 2 SP missions in CO-OP. I must say that it was some of the best fun we have had in CO-OP for quite a while. We have just finished playing the complete GR+DS+IT and SWAT4+expansion and we felt GRAW was on par with these great titles. The graphics is great (although TOO HEAVY!), the sound is great, the enemy AI is great and the gameplay is great. The game just "felt" right and we really had to play tactical to beat the enemy AI at Hard. So the only thing we were missing badly were respawns. If we had 1-2 respawns, we would have been able to enjoy the game at a higher difficulty level (Hardcore), which would have been fun. So all in all we are very satisfied with GRAW and are looking forward to next week where the Ghosts will go clean up in Mexico City again. Thanks for a great game GRIN! Looking forward to any expansions. MadMike PS. If you just want to bash UBI/GRIN/GRAW (again), this thread is not for you. Go start your own!
  19. Dear GRAW fans, I am throwing a LAN party very soon where the goal for the entire party will be for the 4 participants to hopefully finish the SP missions in COOP. I need your advice. What will be my best chance for a successful party (in terms of stability and fun)? Please note that we will be playing COOP on a 100mbit/s LAN and not online. 1) Do we patch to 1.30 or leave it at 1.21 (or even 1.20)? 2) Should I run a dedi server or host from my own PC (fewest disconnects/smoothest play)? 3) Is the community mod pack still recommended and will it run with 1.30? 4) Any other mandatory mods that would increase the tactical experience? 5) Any other advice? Of course we would like the new stuff in patch 1.30 (game not over when TL dies etc), but the main thing we are looking for IS stability. NOTHING kills the fun like instability. I am really looking forward to this LAN party because we have waited and waited and waited from the day GRAW came out until now (the last patch was released) thereby hoping for the optimal gaming experience. Its kinda like when you lost your virginity. You waited and waited and when it finally happened, you wanted it all to go just right, remember None of us have played any SP missions as not to ruin the experience of playing through it all together, so you can imagine that we are getting pretty hungry to get going at it Thanks all in advance for your input. (And trolls/whiners, please dont tell us to go buy another game instead. We all bought GRAW the day it came out like the good little fanboys that we are In fact - stay the hell out of this thread. Thank you!) Madmike
  20. Fletch, Nutlink - GET A MOTEL ROOM AND STOP HIJACKING THIS THREAD! We are discussing the necessity of the PhysX drivers and trying to get an official word on this, remember? Cheesus! (although I must admit that you bump this thread plenty, which is good...) MadMike
  21. Well guess what. I did that about a month ago and...... Yes you guessed it - NO REPLY MadMike
  22. Weren't you supposed to have left in anger the last time you declared GRAW dead and promised never to come back?
  23. I disagree with you. I think the handpicking is a good thing and I would do that myself if I were UBI/GRIN. I like to think that the childish whiners was NOT picked for the testing and thats good. I wouldn't want these people to have a saying on my future COOP playing, thank you very much. Hopefully UBI/GRIN picked open-minded and experienced people for this test. People who are able to see beyond the tip of their own little nose and focus on whats relevant for the majority of the COOP players.
  24. I have been away from the GRAW forums for some time, so please forgive me if this has already been definitively answered (i did a search). I think we still need a definitive answer to these questions regarding the PhysX drivers and GRAW, preferably from GRIN: 1) What are the gains of the Physx drivers for those of us who do NOT have the card? 2) What is the impact if we uninstall the Physx drivers if we do NOT have the card? 3) Why does the installer say we need it even though this is not the case? I have uninstalled mine, but I would like a definitive answer on this. Please dont post speculations, only hard facts/personal experiences this time thanks. MadMike
  25. OMG! OMG! OMG! Nah, I know what you mean - after all GRIN are celebrity
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