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  1. "Bohemia wants to get early feedback on the game to assure a smooth release. That’s deeply reassuring. An Arma 3 “Community Alpha” will release sometime after E3 in June to facilitate this"


    Could ARMA 3 be something that could satisfy our TacSim urges?

    Personally, I was not a fan of ARMA 1 and 2 (no fun in LAN coop), but I am hoping for ARMA 3.

    Brgds Mike

  2. Dear all,

    I have never said this before in public, but I hate Ubisoft with every fiber in my body.

    They have taken my favourite games franchises and either turned them into crap or killed them completely, or both!

    They are continously peeing up and down the "Tom Clancy" and "Ghost Recon" names, putting out lousy game after lousy game.

    Its only a matter of time before they put out "Tom Clancy's Animated Erotic Ghost Recon Chess", "LEGO Ghost Recon Future Soldier" and "Tom Clancy's Zodiac Racing Game".

    I simply cannot believe the reaction I see here to what seems to be another lousy run and gun game only because it bears the name "Tom Clancy" and "Ghost Recon". Dont you see they are pulling your leg once again and laughing you right in the face?

    I mean, from the trailer alone it seems clear that it has nothing to do with the Ghost Recon that we all love. Please dont make the same mistake that we all have done over and over again by getting even the slightes hopes up only to be let down again big time.

    We should have learned it by now. Someone once said that you can fool all of the Ghost Recon community some of the time and some of the Ghost Recon community all the time, but you cannot fool all of the Ghost Recon community all the time!

    "Our development teams are dedicated to making Ghost Recon Online a truly unique, top-quality online title."

    Ubisoft, you make me sick.

    Time to cut the umbilical cord, Ubisoft. You're on your own.


  3. Hi,

    I have been playing GRAW1, GRAW2, SWAT4, Ravenshield and GR+DS+IT (with the HX Dragon weapons mod, i believe its called) in LAN COOP with 3 mates once a week for many years. We have been through all the GR and addon campaigns a couple of times now and are ready for something new :)

    If you were to reinstall and start playing GR all over again from scratch, which mods (weapons, skins) and LAN COOP Expansion pack/Campaign/Mission mods would you recommend for a great time?

    Thanks for your input.


  4. UBI, this is as wrong as it can be :nono:

    If you think that we (the PC community) will buy more of your games by punishing us with completely ridiculous DRM, I think you are underestimating our intelligence badly.

    You really dont have a very good business model, if a cracked version of your game provides more value than the version you want people to pay for.

    You need to turn this upside down and provide people with a lot more added value by buying the game as opposed to acquiring it illegally. For instance, the added value could be nicely printed discs, a comprehensive manual, a special strategy guide, a large map of the game, posters etc. etc. Use your creative imagination for crying out loud, instead of just being more and more destructive :wall:

    Its not us that are killing PC gaming and making revenues drop... Its you, with stupid things like this!

  5. Hi all,

    I just downloaded the coop_bogie_pollux_v2.bundle and put it in the Custom_Levels folder.

    I start up GRAW2, pick "Multiplayer", "LAN Only", "Create Server" and "LAN Campaign Server" as I normally do when playing LAN COOP missions. However, only the GRAW2 standard missions are shown in the Levels window.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    The maps do show up in "LAN Server", but isn't that normal multiplayer mode?


    :( Mike

  6. Dear all,

    My mates and I get together once a week to play LAN CO-OP.

    Over the last few years, we have played through the GRAW1 and GRAW2 campaigns 2 times each :D

    We are just finishing GRAW2 for the second time and are wondering what to do next.

    I think we should play some of the many GRAW2 CO-OP Missions and Campaigns that are hosted on this site.

    Could you point us to some of the best ones to start with?


    :) Mike

  7. might be a solution on the horizon MadMike. There is walking in this game... when you zoom in and advance, you walk. So maybe some talented modder like hmm letsee...Tinker, might try and implement the walk without zooming, in exchange he woudn't have to eat his boots.

    Just note, the game must be unpacked to run mods though.

    @ ROCO, I'm @ 1680x1050 also on 22'' monitor.

    That would be great as I really want to give this game a try :thumbsup:


  8. I dont really want to fire up a realism discussion.

    I will just say, that I have never heard of anyone getting motion sickness while running in real life.

    When you run, your eyes/brain compensate for your headbobbing and allows you to keep a fixed and steady view of the horizon or whatever you are looking at.

    So the experience of running in real life is very different from running in OFP:DR, making - I guess - the experience in OFP:DR unrealistic by definition.

    All I want is a solution to reduce/remove the excessive headbobbing to allow myself - and a lot of people like me - to play the damn game without being sick after a few minutes of play.

    A lot of games have already addressed this problem, so I dont think that is too much to ask. I am just disappointed that CM did not include the option from the beginning.

    ;) Mike

  9. My god it's not an option? I have not ventured into the gameplay options yet but I felt sure the head bobbing would be an option, like in most other games... because it really is quite severe in DR.

    Unfortunately no :(

    I could understand if headbobbing was mandatory in MP only, but it definately should be an option in SP and COOP. As you say, devs should know by now that this is a problem for a great deal of people.

    Hopefully this can be fixed either by means of a patch or in a mod.


  10. Hi,

    I have played OPF:DR for a day now, and I think it looks interesting.

    After having played a lot of GRAW1+2 the recent years and being used to the ultra-smooth player-character movement in those games, I am not very impressed with how the player-character moves and feels. Its very stiff in comparison, I think. Also, the walking (semi running) and sprinting speeds seem rather odd.

    However, unfortunately thats not my biggest problem. I - and several others - are having big problems with motion sickness in OFP:DR due to the excessive headbobbing (and perhaps aided also by the FOV being < 90 degrees, as far as I can tell). My framerate is around 50, so thats not the culprit.

    I have played a bunch of other FPS (CS, GR, R6, SWAT4, CoD, MoH, GRAW etc) for thousands of hours without any problems, but this game gives me motion sickness and heavy eye straining in just 15-30 minutes of play.

    I have looked around for a setting in a config-file to turn it off, but there is none that is accessible.

    Do you guys think it will be possible to disable the headbobbing in a mod?

    I definately think the game looks interesting for an old tactical FPS player like myself, but unfortunately, I cant play the game until the headbobbing is gone.

    :( Mike

  11. There seem to be as many ideas about how respawns should be handled as there are players.

    I miss the respawn options of Ghost Recon and would like to see the options:

    - NONE

    - INDIVIDUAL <number of individual respawns>

    - TEAM <total number of respawns allowed for the whole team>

    :) MadMike

  12. For me, "Ghost Recon" stands for:

    1. Recon

    To me, the "Recon" in Ghost Recon is all about vast maps and landscapes with multiple objectives. Being heavily outnumbered by tangos and relying on stealth and using the terrain to succeed.

    I clearly remember my jaw hitting the desk the first time I saw the vast landscapes with the swaying trees in Ghost Recon in 2001. After that, its been a tad too much urban environment for my taste.

    2. Realism

    Including great AI. I cannot count the number of times my friends and I have burst into laughter because the AI (especially in GRAW1 and GRAW2) did something cool and unexpected and took us by surprise.

    3. Cooperative gameplay

    My friends and I have spent thousands of hours since 2001 playing campaign coop in Ghost Recon+DS+IT, GRAW1 and GRAW2 over and over again. 6 hours a week, every week :)

    Together, these elements combine and create a very special feeling that we have been looking for in every game since Ghost Recon, but which we have very seldomly found.

    :) MadMike


    4. Character movement

    I have to mention this also. GRAW1 has the best and most fluent character movement I have ever experienced in a game. I walk, run, slide on my back, crouch and tip-toe and it all feels perfectly natural and very very tactically useful.

    I never thought much about why character movement is so important until I just tried Armed Assault 2, where the character movement feels so clumsy and 1999 that I cant seem to even run in a straight line. So KUDOS to GRIN.

  13. It's a real shame. I watch the forum submissions diminish and feel annoyance that such a diffinitive game of it's type should be cast aside by publishers for profit.

    GR and it's latest offspring, Graw2, have not been bettered by anything I've seen since.

    I agree. In fact, I play GRAW1 and GRAW2 in LAN Campaign CO-OP with 3 buddies and we are more than happy with both of these games. Our preferred games before GRAW1/2 were [GR], Ravenshield and SWAT4.

    If UBI/GRIN started sending out add-ons to either GRAW1 or GRAW2, we would be more than happy to pay for these also. Simply because - as tecmic says - they have not been bettered since and there is nothing interesting (except Ground Branch) in view soon.

    So, UBI - start pumping out GRAW1/2 addons right now! Thats an order! And while you are at it, take all previous R6 missions and upgrade them to Ravenshield!

    :) MadMike

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