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  1. Will I be able to stab my knife into the concrete sidewalk and put my ear on it and be able to analyze how many people are coming, if they have tanks, or perhaps apc..... I kid, I kid...I never been a sound guy to be honest, but boy I remember when speakers died and I saw how I just couldn't play games anymore with out sound...It showed me how important it really is, we mostly make 85% of judgments on visuals alone, not in just gaming but in everything. So I can respect how cool your work must be and how little praise you get for it is not right. your Thymotic side must be pleased =)
  2. Just curious have you ever played GR1 (PC)? No, I'm not flaming you or anything silly, I'm just curious. That TAC Map is the newer version of the Command Map in GR1. The Command Map is always available in GR1. I'm sure GRIN would leave it the same in GR:AW. silent_op ← Yes I remember the feature for Alpha, Beta (BAHH BRAVO), and Charlie team...I'm still want to know if its in MP for GRAW. All this talk about GRAW and the Trailer...makes me want to install the original ghost reacon again
  3. What bo said is that GRIN avoided that....THeir is no situtation like that at all. Bo, I have a question On MP maybe you are allowed to answer. When you look at a game like BF2 which does have "sqaud" support, it doesn't really force team work, meaning I could be in a sqaud doing as I please, not following orders. Is their any elements in MP that might give A leader of a sqaud "power" to stop such behavior? My other question, will that Map that allows you to plan Live be in MP?
  4. If you want to think about it that way, its much safer to RUN while being fired at...then to Scale a wall and be fired at... Remember the gear you have on, a porch step? Bo stated the game levels are designed so their are no such "problems" or risings that are "waist" high that could be a problem for you.
  5. Those are all fine by me with conditions. -When you perform these moves, you cannot shoot -Recovery time should realistic, meaning graudaly getting up on one knee , like you would in real life. -You cannot interupt the move once it is in proccess, meaning you can't convert a dive to a crouch slide or what ever. -These moves are not exploited beyond their use, all those moves for evading incoming fire and making a quick exit. -Consequences, if you do a dive and land on your chest----you get the wind knocked out of you (stun) I remember their is a Breathing meter of some sort that affects how well you shoot.
  6. Crouch Key: I do hope each key controls its own command, or a "Foward" and "backward" thing between to keys, Foward meaning, STAND,CROUCH,PRONE, and backward being, PRONE,CROUCH,STAND. I liked Ghost Recon, but it had some problems of its own game wise, I like bf2 because it is "war(Action all around for me to choose from, or be covert if I wanted too)", but I hate because it doesn't force teamwork. Just a bunch run and gun people "heading" in the same direction. But I have to say in GR1, as long as their was an objective, things were good... since that always lead you to action =) Hah, I remember when me and my friend played our first coop map, the Cave one where your suppose capture that..."middle-easter" guy..Yeah I shotem in the head when I saw him, he was mad because were playing on hard and we made it that far XD ...ahh good times.
  7. They can't show anything in high, the video cards arn't out yet XD
  8. I have a question, You see the aiming tool for the Grenade launcher with the numbers...that tell you high you should aim for a certain hight and what not....Um whats the point of it if the display moves with the gun? I mean If I want to aim lets say 90 meters away should my gun be pointing in the 90 section? I never undesrtood it. Sorry I'm very un educated about this =x
  9. I have to disagree..every explosion in the 360 has the same effect...a mini-nuke. While the pc aims for realism...meaing a truck exploding from a frag...doesn't cause a "mini-nuke" This is not about (the explosioN) what looks better, its about which explosion looks cooler. and yes their is a difference.
  10. Verrrry nice, I'm glad to see this. This is very impressive, but I have one question. ( Radeon X1600PRO 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card) I don't know much about computers, but will that card run it on "awsome looking" settings? I don't mind not having it on "SUPER UBER HIGH" but I do want kool. I was under impression that this card was "more than enough" ( it was on the more than enough list) But Bo saying that cards that can run this arn't even out...;_;
  11. I noob at computers, I don't know what 16af means, but I do know the only option that is off is AA. I should try it with that too, but bf2 load time ###### me off.
  12. I would like to say thank you to all who helped me, I just installed my Video Card     ( Radeon X1600PRO 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card)                            -Test Results- Here is a visual update from me, by the way This card is rated as "more than enough for GRAW PC" So I expect it last for at least 6 years for me. Anyway here it is. ----Radeon 8500(Old Card I had )----- ----Radeon X1600PRO(New Card )----- Thank you again for all your help, this topic done I guess.
  13. I like tatics to certain extent, but If I'm going to be playing 80% percent sneaking around not firing a shot, no action (action doesn't mean shooting only, I'm talking about recon, DOING MY MISSION (like an objective). Something to keep me busy, not wondering around..in "sneakyness". I want an objective! I would also like the option to go rambo, because I CAN, but a sqaud that uses tactics should outclass a sqaud that uses ...cs style of play, unless the people of "cs sqaud" are C.A.L. Vetrans. either way, like Colin stated, it can be played the way you want it. To use an example that might get me killed here: BF2 , when my clan entered bf2 it was in the early stages where all the exploits were not found. We used hard-core tactics and my clan was 5/0. We planned out our objectives made sqaud and even drew out maps and it paid off. Then all the exploits came out making it like CS---where you can't win if you don't do it yourself crap. That killed competitive play. I hope GRAW doesn't have any stupid exploits like that. I hate it when Clan Vs. Clan becomes "Win at any cost" crap where it all depends on an uber move like "dolphin-Diving"
  14. I'd just like to remind you that May isn't a set date. My personal guess? Between November---Dec. (not joking) I highly doubt May. Anyway, its just a game, but if you want a real opinion I can only base that on past experiences. Ghost Recon 1 was a hit, the expansion packs were pretty decent, but then came GR2---strung us along for half a year only to cancel and they also didn't have media if I remember? I just wouldn't put it below Ubi to the same with GRAW, but what ever BF2 is good right now, yeah it has its quirks but it will do for now until Halo 2 pc.
  15. Ever play F.E.A.R.? If you hit Left lean, the Camera (which is centered like any nomral fps game, cs, bf2 ,etc...) it leans left with the characters upper model (waist up) so if you lean Right, samething happends, but being right handed, when you lean Right ---- you expose less of your body since the point it to get your hand and gun out, not your whole body. So the camera is not over the shoulder it is just ..normal view + body awarness.
  16. I"m not "realy" sad about it, I playe fps alot, and GR was one of them. I have to admit seeing yourself gives an unfair advantage and also makes it more arcade like (which I don't like) all in all, its not a bad thing, just something I was expecting in sp.
  17. Hey guys, I thought I make this topic here, can you guys help me out? I have a radeon 8500, it has been so good playing even new games on full settings or good ass qaulity, but its time to upgrade. When I tested to see if my computer can handle ghost recon 3, it passed everytest above minimum except video card. So I'm looking to get this card, here Sapphire ATI Radeon X1600Pro 256MB DVI/VGA/TV-out PCI-Express Video Card https://www.ewiz.com/desc.php?name=AT-X1600P But someone told me that I have to have PCIE port in my computer to use this card, hell! I'm no computer buff, I have no idea what PCIE is, but I'm able to provide this What is PCI? does this mean I can get this card still? I chose it because it can run full settings and is selling at REALY good price. If I can't get this card, please tell me what card I can get (Preferably ATI) that can run the game on full settings with out being over 150 bucks. I know for a fact I have AGP, do they make the card I want in AGP? why don't they design it for all three =x, it limits thier market doesn't it?
  18. After seeing the xbox 360 version, I have some concerns even more in the MP for the pc and it is not about the gameplay. 1. The Host in xbox has the ability to disable which weapons can be used? The Camera gun seems to be hated and is disabled by alot of people. (or so it seams) Red Diamond signatures on enemeys is also disabled by people who don't like it. Well my point being, Yeah it is the host server, but disabling things you don't like is really ...."low" in my opinion, I say you either give a filter to allow people to search for servers that are un-edited(Playing the game the way it was ment to be played). That way people who want to play with all the options can filter off these servers. I am getting GRAW for clan matches and their won't be "things you can't use" in matches, its all out war. Just an Idea. Swing it both ways, include that option so people who want the original game have it, and those who want "edited" can play edited. Wether it requires "more skill" is not the point, its playing the game with all the tools available to me. Also, things like indicators on the hud for allies and enemies should be player side, not server controlled.
  19. wait wait..pc is first person only!? awww, are you for real? damn I was really looking forward to that point of view ALOT. When you play fps, it feels like your a huge entity, not a person, you can't see your feet, or body when you look down..that point of view gave the feeling back that your a person and you got to see how cool you looked.
  20. 1. Anyone remember Republic Cammando? That games SP was one of the bets I've ever seen, right next to Halo 1 and Half-life 2, very detailed and sqaud work was insane, that was fun. The thing that made it fun was that it was sqaud work PLUS constant action, yet you still had to work as a team. I have the same concept for GRAW too, but will it be? most likley it will...but anyone who's beaten Republic cammando sp probly gave the game back..yes because the MP was Qauke 1, yes it was qauke 1 with uber graphics. I am not saying that GRAW will do the same, but I want to be able to play with real people and do sqaud stuff...you know? Right now I play bf2 and I get..."sqaud" work but the fact is a single player can still be freaking rambo meaning no one is going to be want to work in a sqaud if they don't have too or have the same feelings towards it. Also, I know theirs a HUSH HUSH on MP, DEMO, VIDEO...basicly the PC game itself is HUSH HUSH, and I respect that, I just want to get everyones opinions right now. Because for me to get this game...I'll have to update from my Radeon 8500 to something good, on that note any graphic card recommendations? ARound the price range of 100-150 only? That will make the game look real good... anyway, thanks in advance.
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