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  1. hmm, I don't have the game but I have to ask a couple of questions +How many people were playing? +Were you working in a sqaud? +Are people working in sqauds?
  2. Oh wow, colin all the way in June..., ladders cannot start, nothing can start until June I suppose and Mp is the blood of a game. Very sad news, I have to say their is no MP since their are NO servers. Well what ever. Who's ever choice it was, bad one. I don't think I'll be buying this game in May =( Maybe if I'm around I'll swing back in June and see what the patch has to offer and then buy them game after some reviews perhaps.
  3. Here is a little fact. "How long does it take to develop games like these, from concept to release? It really depends on the title, what you're starting with, and obviously, the teams you've got in place and their core experience. In general, a decent development cycle for a major title should run around 2-3 years, give or take a bit. Parts of the "Legacy" graphics technology have been in the works for almost four years (see below)." -Taken from http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/gami...icle/15318.html "How long has GRiN Been working on Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter? 1.5 years" "That explains why the game is not come with all the modes, but why only 1.5 years? Well you see Billy, GRiN was hired by this company called UBIsoft, and they tell them when they want their product. So GRiN and Ubisoft have arranged for a free expansion pack that should make up for this and everyone was given 3 weeks warning before the game was even released!" My point being, its not a matter of them not listening to us =) I'm quite happy with the direciton GRAW is going and people like you need to stop saying "us", please speak for yourself. Not picking on or anything, but when you make false post like that, it starts rumors.
  4. nice but its the lack of Dedicated Servers. The common gamer cannot host a half-way decent server because they lack the knowlegde to setup their router to allow people to join, AND they just don't have the internet connection AND PC to host a server. People are use to Joining servers, not making one and waiting.
  5. I'm confused by your statement...how does adding an objective make it mindless? Because GR1 was focused on TDM in compeition from what I hear from the old vets, which didn't have any objectives. One would assume having objectives such as capturing a zone would push away from senseless killing...rather than make it more mindless =) Try imagine bf2 without capturing zones =) I doubt Domination "promotes" senseless killing is what I'm saying.
  6. badhonkey, sorry you do not like the game, I hope you did not buy it and played the demo. If you didn't~ your at fault. by your logic right? you can't change what the game is through patches...so whats the point of complaining now? Your a tad bit late...Save your "enthusiams" for GR4 then. Sorry, alot of us do like the game, and we will stand behind it. Interesting Facts before you go shouting everywhere. +UBISOFT controls release DATES +GRiN Develops the game within that time frame. +Xbox 360 Had TWO teams working on it (thats why it has more options) +This is not a port, if you say it is then I'm just going with ignorance on this one. +Ghost Recon: Advance WarFighter has only been in development for 1.5 years Do you understand how short that is? That is not ample time to develop a game to perfection at all, yet GRiN managed to give us a great product. Your Gripes are with UBISOFT for giving them such a short date, and only one months extention. So please direct your "Rants" towards them future refrence =) It's like yelling at the other team when a Reff made a bad call! Hello WRONG PERSON.
  7. people think it loses its value if you can respawn, but think about it. if you die and your team needed you, and now they have to wait a full 30 seconds (and man do you learn how ong 30 seconds is...) +Your team is out numbered +You don't nessicarly spawn on your sqaud leader (cost credits) +the team now has the advantage on capturing the zone +Fire fights in this game will disingage in less that 2 or three minutes in my opinion, havn't been ingame yet on Domination so I cannot say =)
  8. Nope sorry to say. ← what are you talking about? are you sure..I've seen dozens of screens that have the options of "Resapawn: 0,1,3,5" You mean in COOP? Pleaes excuse MY ignorance if it was a last minute change.
  9. cool, I hope people understand what 1.5 years is when it comes to making a game, thats a realy short time in my opinion. Funny how this topic turned around =) Like GRiN said before, they are here for the long haul, just remember to present yourself like a human being =)
  10. EDIT: Bahh nevermind, lets not question a good thing. Who cares why my pc seems to be handling this above average. Shouldn't question miracles. ~you can lock this, sorry.
  11. something is VERY wierd about it, if you hold down the mouse mouse it travels MUCH farther, one would say in direct line...(almost) and if you just tap it, no arc it just hits the ground like 10 yards away maybe.
  12. For those of us with now called midrange cards (BFG 6800 GT is what I use ATM), were kinda gonna have to get used to jaggies? Wife is gonna kill me, hmm how to tell her I REALLY need new vid card ROFL! ← no, it is not that. The method they chose mean no card that is currently out can do AA+HDR ever.
  13. So your conclusion on AA is that it will never be possible with redoing the lighting system in the engine...sigh, because the jagginess DOES kill the game alot.
  14. What do you mean by X1k? What cards does tha cover? x1600 too ? or only those two cards you mentionded. So far I havn't heard anyone having AA in this game dispite their card being ATI Xxxxx
  15. I think what it ment was that it SHORTENS your stamina, not directly decreases your aim, if you notice after a slide or running, the 4 marks are gone or very far from the center. I never realy had the chance to test it...because when I do run, or do a physical activitey ingame I'm usauly scurring into cover and wait 3 to 10 seconds for the enenmy to reload or stop supressing me. I'll try it out later though, if it doesn't have any affect I hope it is fixed. Edit: also, I go down 2 bullets..to 6, it depends where you get hit. I've also seen my men go down under real fast and just die, then sometimes they get hit and fall then get up again. I'm guessing thats armor+where he got hit.
  16. I love how we can call the egine crap, like we know how to make one, or view theirs in detail =) By the way, I also love how we call it crap, rather than "not the best". Crap means ######, the lowest thing possible, meaning your saying this engine is the ######ties thing to ever come into exsistance. It's like their is no good sides to the engine, its puree ######. That is why some of you guys will never be listen to, because you don't know how to talk to other people. Are you going to call Davinchies art crap because its not as good as michle angelo?
  17. No, gives players advantage over other players, thats WHY I like the idea of removing basic options as games progress, Trust me, Low settings BF2 looks nothing like HIGH/Medium settings for BF2. Thats why most clan players set everything low so they have the advantage. Thats why I dislike 100% customizable games. Imagine if you removed the shadows in this game, Their'd be no point in picking a spot in the dark since a player could just simply turn the option off.
  18. oh come on Rugg,why turn EVERY TOPIc into a war zone =( you have like 40+ negative threads to "voice" yourself in, why the one thats thanking GRiN.
  19. Yea GRiN, very good game so far, and I enjoy it alot! Thanks again for this game. Don't be to discouraged by peoples comments, less than half of the people who play games ever visit the forums unless they are having problems.
  20. System Sepcs P4 3.0 2.99Ghz 2.0 GB of RAM ATI Radeon X1600 Pro (256 MB) How does the game run +The game runs smooth, silky smooth. If I had to estimate I would say 50-60 fps. +Never studders or do I suffer a performance drop in any part of the game, even through massive explosions.
  21. 95% of the questions/complaints you asked...are not PROBLEMS but you NOT knowing how to do them..., I can make my men move in recon if I choose the path for them, or I can observe a sitation, AND MAKE A PLAN. For example at the sqaure, I watched the enemies main gun placements and layed out a detailed plan for the team, I waited for the right moment and started the plan, it went off with some trouble, but it worked. Learn the game first.
  22. This is very strange to me, I'm seeing some computers here getting 30fps and complaining how they can't run it smooth(specs seem to be better than mine) or nice, while I have this setup here: p4 3.0 2.99 ghz 2 gig ram Radeon x16000 pro 256mb and I get about (i'm assuming since its silky smoothhhhh) 40-50fps, I wouldn't be suprised if it was 60fps, I'm not sure I wish I knew how you guys found out, I use to have it with omega drivers, but I switched back to cat for the newest drivers for the game. i also have everthing on HIGH except some textures. The game never, ever, ever studders for me. I really don't see this as a resource hog or anything, this is great for me. And to think, AcId told me he'd be suprised if it ran Alright on all medium =P Guess I did buy a good card after all.
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