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  1. 1.) What is up with the sound detection grid? does it not work in team death match? I really hate it when I know i've been shot, but I don't have an ubber sound system that tells which direction it came from, I look at my detector to know where to look, nope...it doesn't work! I hate this the most when I'm being attacked by a sniper; jesus I here the bullets zoom by me, I wanna know what direction that thing came from, and sound being my only option~ I can't use it! Not to mention that you guys took at the tracers (or reduced them to the point that you have to be looking for tracers to see
  2. Been a While since I've posted; but I have to say I like this game a lot...however what I don't like is the map...I dunno, I really need to see these 8 other maps because on this maps it feels as if someone is forcing me to wear sunglasses that I can't take off. besides that, I really like it, no qaulms really...except for a few I'll mention here and in the demo opinion topic 1.) What is up with the sound detection grid? does it not work in team death match? I really hate it when I know i've been shot, but I don't have an ubber sound system that tells which direction it came from, I look
  3. I don't think one person had TEAM-SUPPORT on their list. As in, commands that allows players to work as sqauds, rather then everyone running in one direction (like it is...) Oh well, dunno Realy maybe... 1. DS files 2. Mod Tools 3. Team-Support
  4. I guess anything not praising it is a rant? lol...I'm simply expressing my disatifaction, Angel. Like I said I still play it and enjoy it, but it's not what it was advertised to be. I'm not overly mad because, well I only paid 10.99 for it.
  5. HH is a joke, not only in the aspect of spawn raping. It's just that the DEV team did nothing to improve on any of the complaints the game had. they didn't improve one single thing to gear this game towards team work at all. Graphics 10/10 Sounds 20/10 Coding 8/10 False advertisment skills 50/10 Gameplay 3/10 Graw is just Qauke with out jumping sadly, it even has a rocket launcher called "Grenade launcher" I was an avid supporter, I don't know who to blaim? does UBI really control what you can fix? You didn't gear the game at all towards team work, not one single team work o
  6. lol, no server dedicated files, oh well. The games is good~I just can't play with the lag, it ###### me off and thats because we have no SD, oh well this is the last release for the summer too. I'll be putting graw down I suppose after trying this new pack out for a week or two. The new modes look fun though.
  7. umm where are the Q and A I see a blank page...
  8. lol, you speak as if GRIN decides when to start working on a title...lol.
  9. funny, right below that I see a Hack for BF2 XD, which uses PB
  10. I'd just like to add, that the type of hardware you have is only half the battle. Many PC users fail to understand that a PC is something that has to be maintaned, just like oh lets say a car. Though, I'm not saying that you arn't taking good care of your PC, I wouldn't know but it might be something you want to look at.
  11. As a person who likes to read everything before making or forming a solid opinion on a subject, I will try to answer these questions based on what i have read from these forums, GRiN members, and Ubi Soft Forums. I do no claim these answers to be 100% accurate, but they are most likley right. 1. As stated by the team much earlier in the year, with the alloted time they had. They could not creat the animations it would require to carry this out and it is my personal feeling that this "limping" feature would not do so well in gameplay, though I wouldn't mind it my self. 2. Stated by GRiN
  12. DisgruntledArchitect, you know when you put it that way. it changes my mind. Hey, your were more co-vert than your oponant, that is your prize for seeing him first. Your not ment to be able to defend your self from a bullet fire. Your defence is not being seen or team mates covering your 6. If your seen in real life its over...So I guess i'm for it now =) haha, see what comes out of mature debating =) rather then flaming.
  13. lol, to say that GRAW feels like Counterstrike and Battlefield, CkZWarlord, makes it hard to beleive you played the game =\. No dis-respect or anything. It is much closer to GR1 then it ever will be to BF2, Counter strike. But then again, I guess that an opinion eh? But then again if I said GR1 was arcadey, no one would value my opinion =).
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