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  1. My aunt has high speed how long would it take to set up a live acount ? And do I need a credit card or somethin to buy microsoft points?

    Not long at all if you have a hotmail account....hint hint....

    You can buy MS points at all gaming retailers e.g. Gamestop etc. I think even Wal-Mart and Target sell them as well...I could be wrong though.

  2. Why would we lash out? All feedback is welcome, good and bad.

    Right...I know that "All feedback is welcome, good and bad" is Red Storm's mantra...and that's a very good thing...but some of that was ridiculously inane!

    The optics are based on a different line of red dots, although for trademark reasons we often make subtle changes to various equipment.

    Fair enough....I guess your saying "Keep looking and use your imagination." Right?

    That's cool. I understand the whole trademark issue all to well.

    Thanks for the reply! :thumbsup:

    Till we meet again...


  3. First of all kudos to you and your team for the DLC and for resisting the temptation to lash out at the naysayers....I don't think I could be as professional....but I digress.

    I can pretty much tell that the red-dot scope on the M468 is modelled after the Aimpoint Comp ML2...but what the heck is the red-dot on the SCAR line? I've been trying to figure it out since the game was released!!!



  4. Just trying to have a discussion. As far as clutter - I haven't seen anything but fanboy cheers in your posts that really add nothing to the forums.

    Anybody have a fresh can of Troll-B-Gone??? I seem to be out... :whistle:

    Wingshot...you seriously need to read my "This Is For The Haterz" thread..... ;)

    BTW I hafta give you a big Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on that sig pic....somebody's got WAY too much time on their hands....I'm just sayin'....

  5. Hey Opsix....were you playing alone? Online? System Link? I've played it several times on instant action and can't see what you're talking about...hope it's something that can be fixed

    on line live. coop campaign.

    Do me a favor....try it on instant action and see if you have the same problem....let's try to isolate the problem....

  6. did i or did i not ask for just a few of the files ? it appears that i did , and that will not change .

    you might find it in yourself , or possibly in your dna pool to change into a respectable human being , otherwise your words will be met with disregard , time and time again .

    "DNA Pool?" - I don't think that term means what you think it means....Check your Webster's, Oxford, Funk & Wagnall's or dictionary.com

    Disregard? YOU replied, didn't you? :whistle:

    I don't want to fight though dude....

    You just need to set your box to recieve: What you are asking for is ILLEGAL!!

    You are asking for intellectual property to be made free on the internet...

    What would stop you from asking for a few files on this forum, a few others on another until you had the whole thing? Huh? Tell me....

  7. So sorry if this has been posted before. but on the coop campaign mission in Jungle Mines. There are two pathways leading from the campaign exclusive area of the map to the standard area of jungle mines. both of those areas are blocked off by rock walls. and there is seemingly no way through. but you basically walk through the solid rock wall to get through. that is a major major screw up. i guess they didnt take the rocks out from the elimination version of the map. Anyways , just making sure that was brought up. Christian, do you guys know about this. and also i wish that we could play jungle mines in elimination with that lil bit of extra map you get in the campaign version of the map.

    I just checked out both versions of the map....no problems here....My advice is to re-download the DLC....

  8. I started playing GRAW online w/ the new content on Friday. Nevermind the fact that I found three of the new maps to be the sickest ever. Nevermind the fact that I am still drooling over the SCAR-H SV and SR-25 SD. Nah...forget all that for a second. :)

    I couldn't figure out why, but my online experience was more...how shall I say this? Pleasant? I couldn't put my finger on it for the longest time. Then it dawned on me: The same people that are complaining about the 1200 pt. price tag are, in fact, the same people that whine and moan online. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of smack-talk, but I don't think I heard one "Cheater!" or "B.S." complaint...of course, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. :D

    So, on behalf of the people that bought the DLC, I would like to thank the crybabies for not buying it. :thumbsup:

    The situation is somewhat analogous to Thanksgiving dinner:

    The adults get to sit at the big table and get bigger portions.

    The juveniles sit at the kiddies' table and get smaller portions.

    Don't worry too much, kiddies!

    When you decide to grow up, you can sit at the big table too!!! ;)

  9. Ubisoft already has plenty of my money.

    No way I'm droping another $15 for this weak amount of content.

    PC version is getting free content, so I'll stick to my priorities.

    I could justify 5-8 dollars. But that is rediculous.

    Especially being a big GR fan. It's really a slap in the face to the comsumers.

    I'm pretty sure them not having my $15 isn't going to hurt them as much, but I won't let them slap me around with their overpriced content.

    The small amount of people who bought it, have fun playing with your small group. I'm sure that the majority rests in the original GRAW 360 content :).

    Small Group huh??? Hmm...I guess that's why it took forever to download the thing overnight....... :blink:

  10. Holy ######!, I think EVERYONE is downloading it right now.

    I've been at 1% for 5 minutes, and I have a 10 megabit connection.

    Yipperz...I've been at 35% for a while now.....talk about a bottle neck!!! :blink:

    I think that it's pretty evident that the "boycott" has failed....just a thought..... ;)

  11. Go check for yourself...it JUST came on the marketplace....


    3% Complete!!!

    Here's a riddle for ya:

    Q - What's the difference between people that are complaining and people that aren't???

    A - 1200 pts!!!!

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