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  1. Yeah all issues aside I would be happy with a "nothing new but maps" version of the game as long as I could keep a connection and not get dropped. I like GRAW the way it is even if there are things I would like to change, it's still a good game and imo the best online 360 game atm.

    Yeah, I would be happy with nothing new but maps.....and fixed screen tear.....but I have a feeling we are going to be pleasantly surprised...

  2. I would LOVE to see the 1st person gun view/cover option in GRAW 2. :thumbsup:

    Yeah, that would be nice. 1st person, only see what you could ACTUALLY see around cover. I love Rainbow's system, but it could be improved upon like that.

    Well...Here's the thing...If it was going to be implemented, we would have heard about it by now. I'm thinking that the improvements we'll see in GRAW2 will be based on suggesstions made just after GRAW1's release. I could be wrong, but I think that GRAW2 is in the finalization stage i.e. debug code being deleted, intense play-testing, etc.....like I said, I could very well be wrong...

  3. Any chance you can tell us which military suppliers are used in GRAW2 (Blackhawk, Oakley, TCI etc.)?.

    I'm pretty sure the answer is no....along with the text of your non-disclosure agreement.

    But hey...I HAD to ask!!!

  4. In the video dev interview posted on Gamespot, click here, Sebastion Dore alludes to many accessories being available for each weapon. I also have noticed in the vids that Ubi has released that Mitchell is carrying two weapons: Some kind of SMG and a SCAR-H.

    Now these are two Rainbow Six Vegas-like improvements that I think that we all can agree will be a welcome addition....Yeah?

  5. I actually like the environmental graphics in the MP. The soldier detail is lacking vs. the SP, but the rest looks pretty good. Some areas seem a little MORE detailed in the buildings etc.

    I agree. There wasn't near as much pop-in in the environments in MP vs. SP....

  6. OTS and the cover system make camping the smart tactic. Camping = no fun.


    Wait wait wait...before I refute this asserstion I need to preface this post by saying that when I started this topic, I had no idea that it would start such a debate. For that, I'm glad.

    Now to the business at hand: I realize that we are talking about GAMES. However, these are games based on REALISM. If we didn't crave and appreciate such realism, we would devote our gaming hours to titles such as Gears of War, Halo or Quake....Am I right in saying this?

    Fearlessly charging your opponent in battle was rendered impractical in the early 20th century by the Maxim machine gun (unless you have overwhelming superior numbers such as the Korean conflict). Taking cover became essential at this time and ever since. Brains became way more important than balls...Yes?

    There are ways to be aggressive while still using cover....right???

    If someone "camps" w/o spreading the field, are they not extremely susceptible to getting absolutely eradicated by successful flanking maneuvers?

    I'm just askin'.....

    I would be lacking if I neglected to say that yes, I do play games like Gears of War, Halo and others. But it's usually just to try something different. It usually doen't take long for me to go back to more realistic games.

    It seems all too often, as a gaming community, we make reactionary decisions about new features in games before they are even given a chance. I say we give them a chance. If we don't like them, we'll most definitely make our voices heard. And, as a captalistic society dictates, the devs will respond. But let's give them a chance, yeah???

  7. I've said some pretty bone-headed things on this forum, but I think that most, if not all, will agree with my statement.

    Here goes...

    I've seen posts on this forum begging Ubi/RSE not to follow some precedents set by R6Vegas. I couldn't agree more.

    However, there are some things about the new R6 that I like a lot: Left Trigger Cover, Nearly Infinite Character Customization, Weapon Customization, Blind-Firing, Accurate Scope Reticles.......etc.

    There are definitely some things that SHOULD NOT be implemented though: Sacrificing weapon realism for "balance," SMG's being uberweapons, 5.56 weapons doing more damage than 7.62 weapons (I know this goes back to my first point, but I couldn't NOT add it), Unrealistic looking accessories and armor, I could go on.

    I know that GRAW2 is in competent and capable hands. I'm just trying to help in situations where the devs need to make a decision in the interest of player approval.

    Feel free to agree/disagree...

  8. Man...the more I think about making that post, the worse I feel about it.

    Rocky, please take a look at my history of posts that I've made on this site. Hopefully you will see that the post in question was WAY out of character for me...

    What an ignorant self-righteous thing to say.......

    Again...I apologize.

  9. I dunno...

    Giving away faceplates just to generate hits on a sponsor's website???

    Being a marketing/advertising major, I know all about marketing tactics....

    This one just seems kinda dishonest to me...that's just my opinion though...

    BTW....it is offically past early October!!!!

    That's taking cynicism to new depths, and I take offence at the dishonesty insinuation. You can either apologise for that remark or attempt to justify it.

    The thing is, I go out of my way to contact Ubisoft and ASK if they have any freebies I can GIVE AWAY to the community - and at the same time as a thank you to Ubisoft I promote one of their upcoming titles as part of the give away, and you think you know about marketing? Seems to me you just proved you know nothing apart from how to make dangerious accusations without knowing anywhere near all the facts.

    And when I said "give away", of course there are costs involved in mailing out prizes, which I had hoped to recoup through the link to Ubisoft's up coming title linked to the competition, but then, you'll know all about that being a marketing major.

    When you know more about the hastles and logistics involved in organising community freebies like this, then you can come to me with more than an ill informed cheap shot that makes me wonder why I bother.

    In the meantime I'll be collating all the entries, picking two lucky winners and shipping the faceplates off to the USA for signing by RSE. Great prizes, shame you can't see past your own cynicism to appreciate that.


    Please accept my apologies...

    I was having an incredibly bad day and took it out on an cheap target...

    You're right...it was a cheap shot.

    Please Forgive...

  10. I dunno...

    Giving away faceplates just to generate hits on a sponsor's website???

    Being a marketing/advertising major, I know all about marketing tactics....

    This one just seems kinda dishonest to me...that's just my opinion though...

    BTW....it is offically past early October!!!!

  11. :rofl: yes hello every one when i first played graw i thoght it was awsome rented it a few times then on the catsle level i was in a prone postion i looked up at the moon then he started gliding its like he was a flying zombie mitchl was wierd ,recently i bought the the actuall game for myself and now after the catsle stage or even before this seems to only happen in campagin the enemy dont glow red or when i ask my team to move there is no blue circles on the ground or my team dont glow blue not very happy bout this when i play missions its fine all works i dont get it


    Looks like we have a winner for "Longest incoherent run-on sentence of the year."



  12. I should preface this topic with two statements:

    1. I'm no software engineer; these might be BIG fixes....I don't know.

    2. This is just one man's opinion


    1. Compensating for a round in the chamber

    That is, if I were to change magazines before emptying the first, I should have

    31 rounds because of the round that is already in the chamber.

    2. Fade/Dissolve-in of terrain

    I may be alone in this, but I get distracted when terrain "pops in" so to speak.

    Oftentimes I'll see something in the distance and zoom in with my scope/red-dot

    only to find out that it's a shrub that "popped in." Next thing you know, I'm getting

    blasted by an enemy that really was there.

    3. Fade/Dissolve-out of dead combatants

    Kinda the same thing as No. 2....both would just make the game a lot smoother.

    4. Tracer timing

    A lot of times I'll see an enemy react or see a dust cloud before the tracer has reached

    its target. Maybe the tracer animation could be sped up somehow.

    5. Pro-Tec Helmets

    Just because... :)

    Like I said, this is just my opinion....

    Feel free to agree/disagree.......

  13. ....so I'm playing Shipping Port Sunset. The caption before the mission starts tells me that there is a ship to the north and supply houses to the south. Upon startting the mission I check my map and see that this is indeed the case. Then....I look off to see the sun in the EASTERN sky...wha?? Last time I checked, the sun sets in the west. Like I said, nitpicking....

  14. OK...here's what happens...I'll start a Team Elimination game on Coffee Plantation....everything looks fine...that is until I get killed. When I respawn, it looks like the tint has been turned all the way to green. All the colors look very 'unnatural.' When I kill my first rebel, however, it returns to normal. Strange...

    I figure if they're making a patch for the rocks on Jungle Mines, they might want to look into this as well...

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