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  1. I thought you were going to be talking about this...
  2. Me too dude!!! I really hope that Rocky announces this on the site's front page to help make this game as successful as possible...hint hint
  3. Baby, my jets are sub-zero.....I tried really hard to find the part of my post where I used a sweeping generalization to describe ALL COD4 players.....help me out yo! Look...COD4 is pretty. I'll give you that. But that is exactly what is going to bring that certain element to online games ("Hey that game looks purdy purdy!"). I'll give that game a shot, but I have a feeling I'll come right back to GRAW2....or AA True Soldiers for that matter....
  4. They can bring out all the new maps they like BUT until the frame rate improves, this game will be in the shadow of Call of Duty 4.....!!!! You're right....especially if you like being able to shoot while falling 3 stories out of a building and NOT dying, no mention of the use of any kind of tactics, having to deal with immature idiots so much that you feel like you're back in the fourth grade....yeah. You're 100% correct!
  5. Caves....Railroad Bridge.....Castle (The [GR] PC Demo Map...WOW)....Swamp Airfield.... Some of my favorite maps! Though I'm wondering why no Desert Seige maps were included
  6. Not to change the subject of global distribution but... I found what may possibly be (for me) the first dent in the armor for this title....V-Sync issues! I downloaded the trailer from Gametrailers.com as a Quicktime file. I then watched parts of it to see if I could make out what the opfor were going to look like...and there it was...a great big screen tear. I truthfully hope that this is due to the compression codec they used to make the trailer and not indicative of how the game will play. There was a huge improvement between GRAW1 & GRAW2 concerning this. I just hope that the same adjustments can be made before this title ships!!!
  7. It might have something to do with the coversion to PAL and SECAM from NTSC. Where does it say that this is definitely the case that it won't be distributed globally anyway.
  8. I made the conspiracy theories comments about the patch, and I havent as of yet commented on AA, or hated on GRAW2
  9. In the grand scheme of things, I'd rather count my chickens than be stuck with a leaky, half-empty glass.... The game has been officially announced FOR ONE DAY!!! It seems that the people hating on this game, are the same people conjuring up conspiracy theories about a GRAW2 patch cover-up (which turned out to be DEAD WRONG) and hating on GRAW2 in general as well. I'm just sayin'....
  10. I'll write a better post when I'm done wiping the tears away from my eyes! Oh Happy Day!!!
  11. I SINCERELY hope that AA:O makes its way to the 360 in some fashion. That is, by far, the most realistic milsim shooter to date. Unfortunately, I can't play it anymore as I have migrated to Mac. Having said that, I have SERIOUS doubts about that game coming to our favorite console due to the fact that AA:Rise of a Soldier for Xbox had such dismal sales. Love it or hate it, the market is king....
  12. See? That's all I'm asking for! I'm not exactly wanting it as a response to this thread, but hey.... (though one has to wonder about a list that includes Oblivion as an XBL title....but that's for another thread).
  13. This device can be expressed in four words: BACK UP YOUR ASSERTIONS Or, as I like to call it, BUYA If you have heard that GRAW2 is the last GR game to be made, please, give us a link to where you heard this news. If you have heard that GRAW2 is ranking dead-last in XBL play, please, give us a link to the data. If you have heard that pink camo will be in the next DLC....well, you get the picture... I am by no means calling anyone out or calling anyone a liar. Not at all. I'm just saying that we need to be careful as some folks tend to treat rumors as gospel and start spreading them as such.
  14. I'm gonna have to disagree with you...100% Having a non-suppressed weapon means using tracers; Tracers make it WAY too easy for opfor to pinpoint your position. Also, there is much less recoil on suppressed weapons when going full auto. I've tried many, many times to like weapons besides the suppressed M468.....Not happening.
  15. For any of us to say that this is not a violent game is a losing cause. We will lose that fight every time. GRAW2 is NOT, however, a game that promotes gratuitous violence. Compared to games like Grand Theft Auto, Ghost Recon looks as violent as Super Mario Brothers (with guns). All I'm saying is that we need to be smart with our arguements against the Joe Lieberman/Tipper Gores of the world....
  16. Actually, I would like to see a couple of GRIT maps, like the one with the airfield or the one with the downed Osprey....sorry, I don't remember the names of these maps...been a while.
  17. It said that all MP modes available for all maps....gonna be kinda wierd seeing Central & South American rebels fighting next to.....a pagoda?!?!?
  18. YAYAH!!(Is that how Lil' Jon spells it?) We shall see how well it works now...report developing....
  19. Right right....SVD scope needs some fixing too. But I disagree with the assertion that the games come out too fast to do anything about it. I would submit to you that these reticles could be fixed in a patch...I think...
  20. I don't think choosing a scope is in the near future for GRAW..... Wow, I really though there would be more responses to this....
  21. IT'S NICE!! Thanks Serellan! Did ya happen to read the topic about the ACOG? Wink Wink Nudge Nudge....
  22. I've actually been meaning to post this since GRAW 1....Never got around to it. Here it goes.... #1 The ACOG in GRAW2 should be 4x only, just as it is in reality. #2 The ACOG's reticle should be changed to look like this: (minus the outline of the target, of course). I don't know how hard it would be to change these things, but it sure would make my GRAW2 experience more enjoyable. Anybody out there agree with me?
  23. This game has single-player too?!?!?!
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