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  1. I wasn't even going to respond any more and this will definitely be the last time. A big Thank you to John for your help. I hope I helped you a bit by getting some of those dead links cleared up and I hope I didn't annoy you sending you so many. At least people will be able to download them now and maybe there won't be so many derogatory remarks in the comments boxes. Bless you John. I am trying to delete my regristration and will not be returning here again. I will NOT be trying to make a campaign or any other mod for that matter. @ Tinker...I did not even think about putting a link to the mod....That was an error on my part. I was just so excited to have my mods on the DLS because I did not think they were worthy. I thought the way you remarked was a bit over the top and that's why I responded the way I did. I apologize to you Tinker. But Riley Fletcher wants to learn read and understand and to think before he himself decides to make insulting remarks. He knows zilch about the background and should learn to tape his typing fingers up before butting in where he is not wanted! @ Riley Fletcher...Quote..."Anyone with common sense would know that you have people beta-test your missions BEFORE releasing them to the public", For your information Mr Fletcher.... I emailed these missions to Rocky first and asked him to test them and see if they were worthy enough to be put on the DLS. I did NOT make any referrence to Tinker's or anybody elses prowess as a modder. I have complimented the modders on these forums on more than one ocassion and complimented and given them praise for the excellent work they so get you facts straight! Quote... Quote First....... It was in the Ghost Recon Modding Forum. Which is where people have their mods beta-tested. According to you Mr Fletcher. My error there... I should have said I posted it in the "GENERAL MOD TOPICS" Maybe you don't take much notice either Fletcher. I have signed more than one of my posts "Frank" which you of all people should know because you seem to want to stick your beak in just about every post I've seen and in most of mine. I was really starting to enjoy getting back into this game........ but after all this crap I am uninstalling it again and shoving the disk back in the drawer. Goodbye and good luck FRANK
  2. @ Tinker:QUOTE: I know what he means m8, but you know.. If people could at least link important info in the first post, saves many headaches I thought it would be quite obvious what I was referring to Tinker. But apparently not to you. First....... It was in the Ghost Recon Modding Forum. Second...... I said 4 Missions. Third........ I said I was considering making a Campaign. I did not say I had made a bloody campaign. A person with common sense would know what I was talking about. JohnTCO2 did. Or do you just feel like putting crap on someone today? It's the second time this week someone has put crap on me and I've had a gutful. Just forget I ever posted. Frank
  3. Franks four missions Could I get a bit of feedbac on the 4 missions Rocky posted for me please? I did those missions in 2006 for a friend and found them when checking archives of mods I have. I have an idea for a campaign but if people think these missions are crappy then I won't bother. The campaign would only involve original GR-DS-IT maps so nobody has to hunt for other mods. I wouldn't know where to start inserting them anyway. Thanks in advance. Frank
  4. On ya matey!!!! Go get the rest of em now {D Frank
  5. Quote:ok, thanks guys. i really love these sort of games. i will restart the game again and check every spot i can. Just restart the mission matey just the mission...........joke joke :-D Frank
  6. In Australia the government took our guns off of us a few years back. But it didn't stop people getting shot. I would even hazard a guess to say there are more being shot now than before the gun buyback. Just look at the news for Sydney and Victoria. What a joke. And take note........We could not buy the high powered weapons they can in America. And the yanks are talking about a gun buyback I saw in the news the other day. The weapon in my avatar is a 308 carbine I owned back in the 1970's. 5 in the mag and 1 up the spout. I could take the head off a roo at 300 yards with that thing. The ammo was more lie a dum dum type of thing. The lead had a metal jacket around it but the tip was soft nosed. Man that thing packed a punch. My brother had a 306, but I recon the old 08 was better. Easier to carry and snuggled into the shoulder more comfortably. But in OZ that's about all we did with weapons......Shoot roos and hares. Apart from the man on the land who needed a weapon for sick stock etc. There's an old saying........."It's not the gun that kills. It's the idiot pulling the trigger!" Franglen
  7. Don't give up just yet David. Maybe you missed a target. I found in a lot of missions that if you don't clean up all of the baddies you can't proceed. Go back around and check if you missed anyone or thing. Or even try to play the whole mission again. I know it's a pain in the rear end. But give it a go anyway. Bless ya Frank
  8. Quote:: "Rocky".......You found a mod we don't have on file here?! I guess it pays to look around huh? I was checking google to see how many other GR websites there are left just out of curiosity. Very few and far between I'm afraid. People seem to be moving on to the newer higher tech games that you need an F-18 panel and computer to fly. The thing is though.........there aren't a great deal of mods for the new stuff. BUT GR KEEPS MARCHING ON.............. So much for technology I reckon! I'll keep checking when I have time. Franglen
  9. I found this while cruising the web if anyone is interested. I can't see it on the DLS after a quick cruise. I downloaded it but I don't know what it's like to play yet. http://www.moddb.com/mods/evolution-mod/downloads/evolution-mod-final BTW: Thankyou ROCKY for putting those missions on the DLS. I didn't know if they would be worthy enough. Franglen
  10. It's been a while since I played this. But If i remember correctly I was coming up the left hand side of the street street after taking out the last AT/SAM or something like that. There was a big explosion from the building over and to the left of the big roundabout. A voice yells out VIP2 is down and captain so and so is dead! I then Sent my team directly over to the building and I ran straight across to it and found I could either go through the gate or over the rubble to get into the building to defend. I now that because I got whacked trying to defend a couple of times. The only thing I can suggest is don't go over to the roundabout. Stay well away from it. Stick to the left side of the street under the awnings and see what happens from there. So apart from that I can't help you matey. Franglen
  11. Quote: i'm sure windows 7 is a little more user friendly when it comes to driver updates probably does it among the many other automatic updates it has. I'm not trying to be nasty either Alex and definitely won't try to help you anymore, and I will definitely not respond to you anymore. But from your statement above what else am I or anyone else supposed to deduce? I think your reply was a bit unappreciative. Goodbye and good luck. Franglen
  12. You can't go via the roundabout if i remember correctly David. You must go directly accross to the ruined building where the explosion took place and take up positions there. I went up the stairs and sniped from there. Be careful when you call in the airstrike and stick your head up to mark the Tank. Bang bang you're dead. I hope it helps. I don't want to spoil it for you. Plenty of tangos around though. Bless ya Franglen
  13. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/breaking-news/us-town-plans-violent-video-game-buyback/story-e6freoo6-1226547943979 In the news today......... Better hope it doesn't spread. I hope I put this in the right place? Franglen
  14. Windows will automatically update for you. But the Graphics drivers do not come from Microsoft. They are from NVIDIA or ATI Catalyst. You can set your graphics drivers to update automatically ex these 2 but you would most probably be back to where you are now. I have my XP Pro laptop set to automatically update from Microsoft but I set it to view and choose what they are attempting to install. Anyway....All the best. Franglen
  15. Just a point to remember though Alex......... The disk will only install the original drivers that came with the computer. So if you want updates you'll have to go through the whole rigmarole of downloading them again. I have never updated any graphics drivers on any of the computers I have had and my games etc have always run perfectly. The advice I have received is if it ain't broke.............don't fix it. And as far as Graphics drivers are concerned............. if your games are running well......then leave well enough alone. I gaurantee there will be quite a few that disagree with this but if they check out the IT sites and even some gaming sites they will find that even they advise not to upgrade your drivers unless absolutely necessary. Bless ya Franglen
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