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  1. I don't know if it's an actual existing scope, however it looks similar to the Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T.
  2. Go to your saved games and load the first save for that mission. That should load the briefing and weapon selection screen.
  3. Well, I gave it a try and had the exact same score! I wonder how to get those last two percent in stealth. The trickiest guy was the one in the cave with no ADAT. I ended up throwing a smoke grenade in there, that allowed me to just walk in there and take him out without being spotted. Curious about this too. I've gotten "S" on a couple of missions whith pretty mediocre ratings in both accuracy and stealth, so I really have no idea how the ranking is calculated.
  4. I came across this site: http://www.linkedin.com/in/toddkelley Apparently an ex-Red Storm employee who worked on the [Ghost Recon] has joined GRIN Barcelona. Maybe an indication of what to expect from GRIN next.
  5. It's an M21 actually. Cool video. I like that there are some stealthy missions too, something the previous games didn't have. And there are some new pics out: http://www.thefiringbox.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=44 The graphics in this game look fantastic. Some really nice details on the soldiers.
  6. Great job GRINners. I've played through the demo a bunch of times now and I love it. Can't wait for the full version.
  7. I wonder if this means we can attach/detach silencers during a mission. I really liked that feature in R6 Vegas.
  8. Hmm.. Just using my mobo's sound... Maybe I'll actually pick up a sound card. Are there any recommended that aren't ridiculously expensive like the X-Fi? Well, I have a X-Fi Extreme Music, those are the cheapest X-Fi cards I believe. But I'm having those problems you described, a vehicle that is far away sounds like it's right on top of you for instance. I read somewhere that integrated soundcards do not have these problems, but apparently you do. So I don't know what is causing it really...
  9. Yes the sound engine is screwed up. It depends on what souncard you have though. For people with integrated soundcards it apparently works fine, but X-Fi cards seem have a problem with the direction and especially the distance of sounds. Hopefully they can fix it in a patch.
  10. There are ways to alter the difficulty. Go to My Documents\ArmA Demo\ and there should be a file called "your name.ArmAProfile". Open it in notpad add this this: class Difficulties { class regular { class Flags { Armor=1; FriendlyTag=1; EnemyTag=0; HUD=1; HUDPerm=1; HUDWp=1; HUDWpPerm=1; AutoSpot=1; Map=1; WeaponCursor=1; AutoGuideAT=1; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=1; Tracers=1; UltraAI=0; AutoAim=0; UnlimitedSaves=1; }; skillFriendly=0.750000; skillEnemy=0.500000; precisionFriendly=0.750000; precisionEnemy=0.350000; }; class veteran { class Flags { HUD=1; HUDWp=1; HUDWpPerm=1; WeaponCursor=0; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=1; Tracers=1; UltraAI=0; }; skillFriendly=0.850000; skillEnemy=0.850000; precisionFriendly=0.850000; precisionEnemy=0.850000; }; }; I don't know if it matters where you put it, but I inserted it before "class Identity". It really does make a difference, I tried some different values for "precisionEnemy", at 0.150000 they could hardly hit anything. The default value for regular skill is 0.750000 which seems pretty high considering veteran is 0.850000.
  11. Yes, it's mainly about a guy who works for them testing games. The interesting bit is where it says: "The guys at GRIN are currently testing a game called GRAW, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. If all goes well it will be released this spring by UBI" I don't know what to make of that. Do they mean GRAW2 or is it a really old article that didn't get published until now? edit: ok, so apparently it was old
  12. I love the Barrett, it's good fun shooting through cars and crap And it does make quite alot of sound, so the AI should hear it from miles away really. It would have been nice if GRIN had included this SCAR variant though for some variety. http://aex.fullmetalimage.com/gallery2/mai...?g2_itemId=3600 It looks pretty sweet.
  13. I took one tank out with my zeus and had a teammate take out the helo. Then I used the friendly tanks to take out the remaining enemy tank. As for the MG, I moved one tank right up to the palace entrance and used it as cover, then peeked behind it and took out the machinegunner. Took a few tries though
  14. Word is that a multiplayer demo will be released before the game is launched, followed by a singleplayer demo later on. No date has been given though.
  15. Nice I really like the new animations and the improved visuals. It does look a lot like OFP, but I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  16. Never crossed my mind to return it. GRAW is an excellent tactical shooter that will get even better.
  17. Man, I'm sooo looking forward to this game. Awesome vid, but it sure was choppy. Hope they can fix that before release.
  18. Yes, it's quite clear that GRIN weren't allowed to finish their game. I'm sure they aren't entirely happy with it either in it's current shape. But considering it's been in development only about 18 months(I think this is correct?), and that the GRIN team is relatively small, I think they have done a good job. Of course they could have delayed the game another month or two, but then people would've been cancelling their orders because of that instead. I don't think that they've been sitting around in the GRIN HQ rolling their thumbs these past few months, just waiting for their holiday. I'm guessing that UBI decided that focus should be put on finishing the SP part of the game, and the SP part is very good imo. I do think that GRIN will support their game and that we will se some great things in the upcoming patches/addons. So... And some day GRAW will be a worthy successor to [GR], of this I am sure, because this game has alot of potential.
  19. Man, that's gotta hurt! This happened when I was playing today. Yes, that is a burning car floating in mid-air! It came down when I shot what I believe is the hood hovering next to it...
  20. CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2800+ GPU: XFX GeForce 6800GT @ 400/1100 with 84.56 drivers RAM: 2GB Corsair TWINX MoBo: Abit NF7-S 2.0 Sound: Integrated nForce Audio (RealTek AC'97) PSU: Tagan 480W SETTINGS: Resolution: 1024x768 @ 85 Texture Quality: Medium Texture Filtering: 4xAF Effects Quality: Medium Dynamic Shadows: Low Dynamic Lighting: On Post Effects: Medium EAX: Disabled TWEAKS: Texture Management (XML): All set to TRUE PEAK FRAMES: ~40 AVG FRAMES: ~30 MIN FRAMES: ~20
  21. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\ and delete the 0701 folder. That should do the trick.
  22. Well, I think 90% is a pretty good score. Also it doesn't say that the AI is heavily scripted, but events and enemy placement.
  23. Is the Physx videocard as a whole $250 or do you have to have a videocard already that supports it? If so, which cards support it? ← The PhysX cards are stand alone PCI (PCIe later) cards and do not care what graphics card you have. They are not tied together in any way. As a point of reference.... we were using ione for some things the other day and ran a very physics heavy demo on a 5 year old machine. It was a P4 1.6ghz 512 mb ram and a GeForce 3 card I believe (the point is it is OLD). With out the PPU we got 1 frame every 2 seconds or so. With a PPU added we were up to 12 fps. Very unscientific as there every aspect of that machine was being brought to it's knees and killed, but it shows how the Physics are offloaded. Look at the CellFactor videos and you'll get an idea of the breakable environment I was working in. -John ← Also it's not a videocard, it's a physics card, i.e. it only calculates physics. However according to this test, it reduces the FPS. I suppose all that extra debris and stuff that is generated has to be rendered by the GPU, so maybe that's why?
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