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  1. This isnt the error of creating gamespy account? Or was that fixed with one of the patches..... Type name, press enter, press password, press enter etc...
  2. Graw will never be a succes like the [GR]. Reason? Too demanding for the less fortunate people with no highend computers. I still play the game with framerates between 4 and 20. Not willing to spend much money on a new computer only for Graw. Oh i am starting to like it finally, but mainly because i play it with some nice friends sharing their teamspeak. Otherwise i had given up long time ago. This is the game of the people spending the most money on their machines. Too bad...
  3. The way Grin made it initially was when you got hit, your screen would turn red allover. As the opponent was red also, you had disadvantage. That is why they took that off. But what is more disappointing to me is that you need to be a genius to get the game run smoothly. I just wanna play a game....not knowing all ins and outs of my computer....HELP.
  4. ROFL rightclick on the picture and read url...sorry to disappoint you, but for me you need to add some more pounds/flesh
  5. You guys made me smile !! Thanks, needed that.... Bo, need some nursing?
  6. From what i have heard from a teammate of mine, is that flooding is taking place right now. Last time they had a cyclone, they were cut off from power for a week....Wishing all of them good luck and take care !!
  7. Hi Bo, I like your avatar, the Grin logo. Do you have fullscreen wallpaper of that? I like what i hear so far, however details and such are beyond me LOL. Cant wait for a demo or release of the game. If the game has the same "feeling" as GR1 then you have yourself a big fan . Greetings Jenny.
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