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  1. lol what?! In single, you don't respawn, you just have to load the last checkpoint. In multi it depends on what gametype you're playing: If you're playing a one life game, then when you're dead you have to wait for eveyone else on your team to die/win, and then the round restarts. If you're playing a game where you get lots/infinite lives then you just choose a spawn point with left and right triggers (you normally get a choice of about 3 spawn points I think) and then hit "a". An example of a gametype with lots of lives is "Team Eradication: Sharpshooter". Hope that helps. -kHz Backflip
  2. As far as I know you can't, but I could be wrong. It's pretty much a one hit kill anyways, so there doesn't really seem much point...
  3. Erm, maybe this is a silly question, but why not just get the 360 version?
  4. Rustic you fool, where have you been?! Haven't seen you in ages... Anyways, the game is pretty much t3h r0x0rs IMO. It feels very balanced, and I've never died where it hasn't been my own nooby fault. The game doesn't require as much shooting skill as PDZ, but you need to have good teamwork etc, all the obvious stuff really. You die in a couple of shots (one to the head), so it's very much a whoever sees who first kinda game, but that's where the teamwork and being able to shoot straight comes in. If you play "one life" games there can be some pretty hardcore campers, so I try to stay away from them - I play mostly "Sharpshooter" which is basically like "Team Killcount". The maps are very big mostly, and the design is quite good for most of them, although they don't look anywhere near as good as the single player maps (which look like unbelievably awesome btw). Grenade launchers are the only real problem with balance, but that can be sorted by using the "no explosives" weaponset. The MR-CLW (the gun that can shoot round corners - it has a camera attached to it) is also considered a little cheap, but you can choose to disallow that too. Apart from that I haven't found any issues with the other guns, as everyone has equal access to all of them. The only thing is I'm not sure if you're connection would support this game - it needs quite a lot of bandwidth compared to say PDZ, especially on the co-op modes, and you have like 256 down or something silly, dont you? You might be ok with smaller games, but I'm not too sure about more than a 4v4... Hopefully I'll see you online - how come you can't get on anyways? -kHz Backflip
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