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  1. Ok - we just played the map again... This time without any problems. I think the crash was made by my pc and not the map. After i put a new xml into my settings-folder all works fine. Now on with the map report.. We found no lacks - all works fine. Some snipers were best hidden - took all our feelings to find out their they hide We need more physx effects
  2. OK - Problem solved - Multiplayer works again. I got the broken file frm twix - deleted the bundle and the game works fine. John - plz recheck the bundle for errors. So we can give it a test. Greetz porter
  3. Hi John. Just found the new beta. I loaded it and gave the link to my mates. Think we will give it a test at thursday evening if they all are back homefrom their x-mas parties at work. Report will follow as allways so long porter EDIT: i tried it several times - but my completely game crashes after i put the beta in its custom folder. First it crashes my whole pc - Blue Screen, etc... After reboot i started the game and then "only" the game crashes to desktop. Heres the error: Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Error in archive settings\game_info.xml SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\menumanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\menumanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\menumanager.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded I tried to put the physx-settings on its lowest profile - nothing. I deleted al other maps in the custom folder - nothing the most problem in this is: i cant ran anymor the multiplayerpart. once i klicked multiplayer - te game crashes with the same error shown above... I found the game_info.xml - but its completly empty... any help?
  4. Hi Guys Im just back with new Hardware (AMD Athlon II X3 435 and a GForce GTX460) ad we (Twix, Zondy and myself) played this Map. Was a peace of hard ###### but alot of fun . Some snipers are well hidden behind trees, so we have to go carefully Overall no Bugs found, i guy was stuck between a wall and a barel near Supplies B But nohin more report Overall a nice map. Greetz porter
  5. 1: The "Z-BUG" is the bug in GRAW 2 that the game will crash if u use the "rate of fire" button - in these case its set by game to button "Z". It was never fixed instead its a known bug in the game. 2: If u move te progressbar hides again. its better if u hold the button, so it fills completely. We had the same too. 3: If u shoot the Havoc - aim at the pilot seat. One hit and it will be gone regards porter
  6. Will the map still be comin, or maybe later if u post all written at the wiki? Cant wait to play it Cheers Porter
  7. Looks pretty nice for me... The "map-preview-download-section" is very very nice - well done Now its my time not even longer to use the LoFi-Version Great Job Porter
  8. Yeah - it was a poor boring time without a runnin system... But for a moment it works - next month i hope my all new machine will be rebuild and done... That are the buildings i spoke about... But the lights inside are not the most problem - its the old problem with the nightvision inside buildings - its to bright... But as i said - its all over a great map... Well done..
  9. Hi Folks - im back in business Twix and me played v1.1 last night without any issues. Some Snipers are well hidden and it was a challenge to survive. Only issue: The nightvision wont work in some buildings - and its really dark in there
  10. Thats not the reason... The prob it uses is for physx... and if u dont have one and the graphics are to tense the game crashes... thats it... Happend to me and my mate twix...
  11. *Download Confirmed* We will give it a test the next days... greetz porter
  12. Found one missed issue, maybe only relevant for ppl without physx... Tue Dec 08 00:53:10 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: PhysXCore (???) : NxCreateCoreSDK ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? PhysXCore (???) : NxCreateCoreSDK ??? (???) : ??? Renderer: normal Physics : threaded That happens if someone shots the one (maybe more) gastank/gasbottle in the damaged house/shack near the fenced entrance... (there the message with the "TAW-Boys" appears) I will try to add a screenshot the next days... Greetz porter
  13. Hi mexicobob... Do you have any "old" missions that are included in the campaign as single version (bundle) in your custom folder? all i know is that they must be deleted (or moved out) - maybe thats why its not shown up correctly. regards... porter
  14. Thats the smallest problem overall... I dont know how and why - but if i use a scar with mounted NL - i have unlimited of them
  15. I didnt say i dislike mines... But´if they are placed in every damn corner they... life suxxx OK - someone likes it - the others dont... Ill be the middle way if u want... They give the game a new experience, but at least we lost the interest in playin, because every step we made we hit a mine (u call it IED - i lol-d) Some, or maybe more are ok... but not these sort of hidden crap... i know that there are some ppl out in the world who place IED´s... but its my own opinion that these sort inside the maps are kinda crap...
  16. That was the most heplfull ive ever read It was only to offer criticism - and what i know see is that u cant handle it... OK -so we wont play ur missions at least... Other mappers would handle it on their way, others are lucky if someone says what he dislikes... And maybe makes it better in his upcoming releases... Its a hard way to learn how to make the comunity happy... regards and better luck next time porter EDIT: One simple question: is it possible for the AI to move over the mines without to blew them up? Because a "mine-field" only makes sense if NO-ONE could pass them... OK - maybe all persons (in this place the AI and their whole troops) have a "detailed plan" to move around them - think i saw some of them that hold one in their hands and just "dance" around the mines (just kidding) HighRes PIC choosen just for example
  17. Played this mission last days with twix... Mapdesign is pretty nice, the AI is overall ok, but the only issues (arent really issues) are the mines in ALL tactical corners that couldnt be seen but noticed if they blow up... No corner was without them, i felt so... And i dislike that all mission-markers are shown up from the start... Its a bit to much in my eyes, i like it if there is one after another so that a bunch of players cant spread out and didnt play tactical together We didnt do it till the end because... (i dont know anymore *g*) Overall a really heavy map...
  18. Played yesterday night with Twix and Zondy on active wan-Server... Game crashes the server after a while (ask twix for code) So - this morning i played it as lone wolf... First at all: I liked that there were no mission-markers shown up... Was a hard way to find out what to do *lol* But after smashing the tank it was easy going - ok, not easy but much clearer the GLITCH is still existing, the wall in the hills didnt make sense if i could overwalk the hills and snipe all AI in the villa and the rooftops from behind... Its as easy as duckhunting... I moved into the villa and killed all AI inside... After that i could grab a RPG and blow away the tank... Anni should implement something that makes it impossible to overwalk the hills... And he should put the mounted MGs upper hills from the start inside... Looks odd if u just look up the mountains and a badAI "spawns" in behind a stationary MG And here is my favorite bad g(a)uy... I was close to him and he didnt see me... If it was possible - i could kill him with my hands But i found it WHY he didnt see me coming... Look at the pics below And here in HighRes Greetz porter
  19. I have seen the message, thats ok, so we can continue the hunt for him... What i wanna say is... i havent seen the littlebird that "flew him out" so i thought u took the heli out and forget to remove the helisounds from the map Overall its ok that he "escaped" The NARCOMs are ok, i know they cause lag as well... But another possibility is the idea to set some textmessages on screen like that of zuus escape... Example: After killing all AI at a significant place there comes a message that new AI will be send to your Objective... Without NARCOM... But i see - we are the same level
  20. Twix and me played the 1.1 last night and this time my game didnt crash. Only crash i had was a heatproblem with my graphicaccelerator that my machine shuts down without warnings. After cleaning the fan i rejoined and we played as well as without bigger issues. But it was a mess We didnt play in any order, the did the objects as it was possible, we moved right, next time we moved left, sneaked around corners and tried not to be caught by the tank, or even by the attacks from above... the deception maneuver is very tricky... if there are 2 havoc - one of us both checked the sky and the other the streets for incoming... very nice made... Found something i didnt understood: i was near the walls there "Zuus" is based. i heard the heli at the rooftop and after i went in - he wasnt there and he wasnt also flew off... (can remember dav or bogie said to remove the heli to see if some errors stay) And plz... Dont let the havocs fly away after some attacks... and if so (in case their ammo is all off) - let them fly fast away and not so slow... EDIT: is it possible to put some radiomakros in? As example: "We just had listen to messages that the enemy sends new troops at your position" or "The rebel leader has commanded new troops" (havent the right words in english - hope u know what i mean) And the end is a really mess... took us ages to see what it is at the end (wont say it direct to keep it thrilling for all who havent played it yet) Overall a nice map... Some snipers are quiet hard, but thats what we like Keep the next beta coming - we are ready to test it again.. greetz porter
  21. Hi spanish1 I cant remeber this mission right in the moment, but if the zeus didnt work for you to destroy the Tank, its possible to "walk" nearby rhe abrams and place a C4 on hin to blow him to hell... its not as easy as using the zeus, but its not impossible... me and my team did that this way: 2 take care about the "AI-Gunner" and take the fire to them - and me as 3rd player sneak around corners and place the C4 at the target - badaboom, there he goes... Hope it helps a bit - dont think theres a "MULE" (you spelled it donkey) in the map... greetz porter
  22. OK... Played as long as i could, but my game crashes after a while Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: PhysXCore (???) : ??? Renderer: normal Physics : threaded Think Z-error or any else known crash... One mistake i found as well - "zeus" is misspelled... or is anyone called Zuus ??? *ScreenShot. High Res Will still retry it Greetz porter * [staff Edit: - Please keep pictures to 500 pixels wide]
  23. On it now... Edit: OK - i played it lone wolf... and it was a desaster Before i could make my way to trigger 2 (havoc???) i had much work to reach each there i could hide a while - reloading, take a breath, etc, but at least i did it... with much After Blowing the door with C4 (i liked it to see the AI behind it fly through the air) and setting the EMP my game starts to lag... And to all that lag i got an repaeting soundfile in my memory so that a shot from my MP2-SD was allways to hear... (I had this error many months ago in that map with the fort and the pinned bodies at the walls after i destroyed the tank) I ALT-TABBED the game and closed it via taskmgr... But the game still is in the memory - see shot below only a reboot helps me to get the game outa memory... Till that point and what i saw was nice gameplay, sometimes a bit to hard, sometimes it was "duckhunting" Put my MP5 to single shot and made one heady after an other... (Z-Error didnt come - maybe/because i played as LAN-Server???) Nice sniper placement at least Will give it a new try tomorrow mornin.... my "wife" is still in bed and calls me to "warm her"
  24. Howdy Folks As i wrote some days ago to triplex, im back after my procession in my new home... So im back to test new Beta,s too... I loaded the last beta of these fantastic map, but as lone wolf (my mates from LGP are on holidays in canada) it wasnt that easy to test it overall... But for the time i enjoyed it alone it was fantastic... Next time (beta) wa are all back in business... Regards porter
  25. hmm, do you mean a mess in a good way or was it total chaos and needs to be changed in some way. ..... Thanks for the replies so far, John In the good way - we just digged in and fired back...
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