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  1. If you set him to follow you he will get in the chopper. Worked for me...
  2. Seems they have removed the patch for some reason...
  3. About time I got my hands on something to do while I wait for the mailman with the whole game. Done with chemotherapy, so got to have something to do while im at home for the next month and a half Thanks Grin...
  4. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=165364 Another preview. This one is better if you ask me...
  5. Seems there is a patch already: http://patches.ubi.com/ghost_recon_advanced_warfighter_2/
  6. Good news. Played the beta a bit, never reported any problems though. Didn't have any either But could be just me. Can't wait for the final product. Im gonna be stuck at home until beginning august so got plenty of time to play
  7. If im not mistaken CoD4 is PS3, Xbox360 and PC...
  8. Lets see if I can get a key this time. Werent around last time. I also put other/dont know on videocard since I have a 8800GTS...
  9. Chemo is hard on the body, got 3 more rounds this summer then im hopefully done. Anyways, how is the beta? Haven't had a chance to read much here the last week or so even though I had internet access in the hospital bed...
  10. They are going for the 14,5 inch barrel. And yes, SF in norway use C8 and G36, but they are adapting to the HK416. But not that big a deal since most SF can choose their weapons they want...
  11. Ok, so the keys are personal. Didnt know that. Thanks anyways Admin, please close thread...My bad...
  12. Ok, before I get flamed or banned or whatever. Just let me say this. I'm not trying to use my illness to gain anything, i'm just asking kindly since I know there is alot of good people here. And for those who dont belive im ill thats just fine also since noone in here knows me. I also know im not a very known member here, but im a real fan of [GR] and GRAW1/2. I'm just kindly asking if anyone has a spare beta key, so that when I get home from the hospital after chemo therapy next weekend I have something to do. Im gonna be stuck 24/7 at home for the next 2 weeks due to weak immune system. And playing around with something new would be great. And before the flamewars start just let me thanks GRiN for their great work... Admin: I know this is wrong, but atleast I tried. So dont hurt me to bad
  13. Well, they finally made up their mind. Today the Norwegian Army announced that they will be changing out their good old 7.62 HK G3 with the 5.56 HK 416. A good choice if you ask me About time... Only ordered 8200 of them, and they are gonna stock them with Aimpoints: http://www.mil.no/multimedia/archive/00093..._119_93020a.jpg http://www.mil.no/start/aktuelt/nyheter/ar...rticleID=139302 (its in norwegian)
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