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  1. yea clan support pretty much sucks, lol... theres no point to it really, if people wanna have clan matches they can just do player match and invite their clan rather than doing an actual "clan match", there really is no difference
  2. When i try to DL "extras" it says the ubi server isnt responding =/
  3. yea i like it too... its hard as hell to see tho cuz of all the shadows
  4. yea the sensitivity seems to be way higher this year than last... i dunno whether its because i hadnt played a video game in like 4-5 months since the demo came out, but it seems way harder to aim because of the added sensitivity this year
  5. more like 3 news maps, they're trying to show Wharf Day as a "new" map
  6. This guy was on my team last night, and he'd be able to tell me every time someone was coming just by hearing the footsteps. it was crazy, and needless to say we pwned.
  7. Can someone explain each one of these to me? the only 1s i understand are bounty hunter and thief. I dont really get what you're supposed to do for escort, siege, and all those other gamemodes. I see not as many people play those gamemodes, so its an easy way to get my rank up lol =)
  8. lmao yo saltono, i posted on your website, lets talk so that i can tryout for your clan
  9. i dunno how people are ranked in the 20s, or even in the teens for that matter, they must have no lives and play nonstop. I dont play that much, im tryna balance studying so i can make it into a good college and partying so i can stay sane lol
  10. I sware, every time i play on team killcount, im always on the losing team lol. I wish they would have your ranked based a little bit more on your kills, and not basically purely if you were on the winning team. I guess I should stick to solo, where im absolutely nasty
  11. so i use the gun you were talking about and move the analog up so that i can shoot over the rock?
  12. whats your Gamertag so we can talk? edit: i will be able to get back on probably sometime this week. I couldnt get on recently because i had so send my 360 into microsoft (due to the "RROD" i was getting).
  13. can you view the rankings on the computer (like you can for EA games)? thanks
  14. yea just put the auto-timer on, but after the game is done, dont exit out- just wait and it will take you back to the lobby
  15. my only prob wit the game is the horrendous loading/searching for a game times.
  16. hey, im new here anyway, I'm looking for a clan- I'm ranked about #3300 overall, and #980 in solo. If anyone is interested, just reply. My gamertag is jerzeydev1l Thanks!
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