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  1. @cpl How long have you had your ratpad? I've heard stories on how it gets worn out over a long period of use.
  2. Which of these mousepads is most suitable for the gamer? With cost, durability, and performance in mind. If you own any of the following or have one you'd like to recommend plz feel free to do so. fUNC Pad Ratpad GS Xide Pad Ultra
  3. Hello I am interested in cutting a window out on my case but I dont know where to start or what tools I'll need. I was looking on compusa website and found a case cutter (LINK). Is this tool any good or should I just go with a Dremel? If anyone's actually done this before, any tips would be helpful.
  4. Hello I've been looking around for a 2.1 speaker system. Although my sound card supports 5.1, I dont have space for the 5 satellites. So which is a good quality system for under 100, and if someone could explain to me wut all this gibberish is: System 60 watts system power Speakers Rated Power @ 10%: 6 Watts RMS per speaker (x2 speakers) Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 75 dB (typical) Subwoofer Rated Power @ 10%: 17 Watts RMS Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 75 dB (typical) Overall Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 20kHz it would be a big help
  5. While we're on the topic of HS I've read some good reviews on the Swiftech MCX462+ does anyone know if this is actually better than the ThermalRight SLK900? I'm thinking of retiring my Thermaltake HSF due to high temps and irritatingly loud noise
  6. interesting find I think I saw one of these before.
  7. Its called Stream Zap and it works as a remote for your computer. You can play movies, music, much more. http://www.streamzap.com/ Very cool, I want to get one
  8. swart I dont recommend you get an LCD if you are planning to do a whole lot of gaming for reasons stated above. However if you already have an LCD then try the program out. Main reason I went for an LCD: More deskspace It has its flaws but alot of the newer LCD monitors run games fine and you hardly notice any ghosting. Turning vsync off also helps.
  9. I have an LCD monitor that was running 60 hz. Then I downloaded a program called NVRefresh and now it runs at 75 hz. You can find the program on Download.com
  10. There was an interesing clip I saw today on the news that showed US forces fighting at night in Baghdad and the tracers were red.
  11. Which Ex. Packs do you need to play it?
  12. wow are those allowed?
  13. I have music match on my computer and use that regularly to do this task. If you want, you can find it at www.musicmatch.com its free (think thats the site). I even heard Win Amp has this feature.
  14. I have tried SWAT 1 and 3. I didnt like the way the character moved in 3. It almost felt like you were just gliding/floating across the floor. Other than that the game was rather enjoyable. IMO I seriously doubt SWAT 4 will beat out RvS.
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