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  1. Alright, so first off if you don't know what I mean by Pepe Silvia rant, I refer you to the below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nTpsv9PNqo And yes, I'm still not over this... Okay for some context as some newbies to the GR franchise might not have heard of Ol' Jenny Intro Jennifer Burke was a main char in GR2 and GR2:SS - to my knowledge she was one of the more 'liked' characters and was certainly talked about a lot by the devs in old marketing material - and everyone who has known me long enough certainly knows where I stand. Back in those two games she was a Staff Sergeant & a rifleman. I could present the argument as to what her actual Special Forces MOS and what her previous, pre-Ghosts MOS would've most likely been, but let's baby steps into this insanity of hyperanalysis. Pics: 1) Official Concept Art and Renders - Yes the trigger discipline in the concept art also kills me inside too, I have a poster on my wall where that's fixed. 2) My own rework - comparison In GRAW - Every one of the old GR2 team was either still a member of Mitchell's team, or they had been promoted into leadership roles. Burke was one of the latter. However, it remains to be known that everyone who became a team leader had their little reuinion moment in GRAW where the player helped them out, EXCEPT Burke. To my knowledge, Burke didn't even say so much as a "hello." We hear after securing the airport, she was put in charge of a close protection unit charged with getting the US president out of dodge after it was too risky to get Air Force One in the air. Presumably this close protection unit consisted of elements of the USMC, USSS and the Ghosts and was callsigned "Quarterback" While the player is out killing tanks, Quarterback has been monitored by the enemy using Guardrail IX and they get ambushed, the president is captured by the enemy and Burke is presumed dead. BUT there are a couple of caveats to this that may just be plot holes or oversights in writing but leave a pretty big opening for her to have survived: It's never actually confirmed The last thing you hear of her is General Martin requesting a SITREP in which she doesn't respond. In the mission you play immediately after rescuing the president, you go after Guardrail. In the beginning of that mission you learn that guardrail IX has jamming capabilities, so there is a strong possibility, and it would make sense for an ambush where you want to capture a VIP, that comms were simply jammed. To support the above claim, nobody had any idea of her current location, despite her having GPS systems built into her kit - But they were able to geolocate the US president from a tracking beacon after he was captured The ambush sounded pretty chaotic, at least one explosion is noted. There is a strong possibility that many people were incapacitated but not killed. The president talks about the ambush but doesn't confirm she died, he likely doesn't even know himself, supporting the chaotic nature of the situation. Salvatore was ambushed by a similar rebel group, while injured and incapacitated, he did survive, so it is within the realm of possibility. You never go over to the initial ambush site so you never get a visual. For some reason you go over to Salvatore's position and Salvatore confirms he's not seen or heard anything from her for a while. Possibly indicating a QRF was already present or troops were still in contact We are also talking about a person who has: Helped push back an entire battalion of North Koreans, who had tanks, arty, you name it and walked it off like it was no big deal. Helped stop a nuclear apocalypse, while once again holding off an entire company's worth of some of North Korea's finest Defended an entire town with Salvatore, some Kazakhs and some duct tape. GRAW takes place in 2013, if you dig deep enough into some of the older 'lore' of the GR games, you will quickly realise that if she's dead, there's a big continuity error. OG Ghost - Will Jacobs, joined the army in 1996. In Ghost Recon 2's Xbox release The cutscenes that drive the story are framed as interviews for a (frankly very cheesy) documentary. Will Jacobs is the presenter of this documentary, and it notes that he's retired. In order to retire (considering there's no reason to presume medical retirement) he must have served 20 years. Meaning the earliest the TV show could be filmed is 2016 GR2's events themselves happen in 2011 (Xbox) and 2007(PS2/Gamecube) -Declassification would likely not have happened til much later If you look at the amount of all out hell that happened around Zero-Dark-Thirty's filming, there is no way the filming of a tell-all documentary about a highly classified set of missions in which this small platoon of soldiers saved the world from nuclear apocalypse would have happened within 2 years. The absolute minimum wait time as far as I'm aware for declassification of such AAR's is 5 years Meaning the earliest the documents would have been released and ergo, the interviews would have been staged - is 2016 Add to this no one even mentions the TV show in GRAW or GRAW 2, despite Mitchell having an ingame big ol' fanboi (which is cringy af but whatever) you'd assume if Mitchell had a massive fanboy he would've at least watched the show and talked about it - it's never mentioned. So to me, personally, after hyperanalysing all of the little tidbits and threads of information (some of which I've not added here for brevity). There is more of a possibility that she survived, but was pretty badly messed up/incapacitated and serious injury explains why we've not seen her since. Personally I'd love to see her come back at some point in the game series, she was a very likeable, charismatic and somewhat unconventional character even looking back at her now. You rarely see characters like her fill the role that she did in the team, she was a female spec-op who didn't fit a stereotype like Diaz (i.e. all female soldiers are snipers of some kind) - Not at all saying Diaz was a bad character, just stereotypical and not really anything 'new'. But at the same time as being novel and unconventional, Jennifer wasn't an insufferable ###### with a sense of entitlement like most 'Strong Independent Females' video game devs and movie studios churn out these days. She almost filled a 'Lancer' type role in the team and had quite a discernable character arc compared with the others. They've done something similar with Diaz and Mitchell over the years, where they've given them a bit more to do. I think they should do the same with ol' Jenny and some of the others too. It wouldn't be too difficult to write her back in. Hell, I'd even offer to give a hand if Ubi wanted it seeing as I've overthought this whole thing so they don't have to, but chances are, they don't, and that's okay. Thank you for coming to my Pepe Silvia, hero-worshipping TED talk.
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