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  1. Hey Kyle, I am fine thanks, and yes I am the same thales100 lol, I just got a new r/l job at a new city and had to quit all my modding activity due to the lack of time it demands, it was a hard decision but absolutely necessary. I miss CoC a lot, great mod, much probably the best ever, and it was a great time adding new stuff to it. Thanks a lot for your post, hope you the best, maybe in the near future I will at least reinstall the game and get into the zone once again. Thales
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  2. Oh I found the HU trailer I made, forgot I actually put it on Youtube LOL.
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  3. Wachter, I stumbled across this GREAT addon mod of yours for HU the other day, and have to say that it adds pretty much everything I was hoping for. Far more and different kits (I really appreciate using Soviet/Russian theatre kits), terrific new skins, and an AI that just keeps kicking my butt. The AI that you've supplied - very VERY believable use of tactics. Once they're on you - watch out! I was a little worried that all of my teammates had every stat set to the absolute maximum of 250, but with the AI in this mod, I'm finding it extremely challenging to get all of my men out alive. I can only imagine just how much more wiped out my squad would be if the stats were below 250. Yeah, those numbers need to stay in place. I've restarted the GR campaign, and the differences are enormous, and deeply satisfying. I'm loading it up with your Bullet Crack sound effects merged over the top of some of Kaffee sounds, and this mod makes GR nearly perfect now. All we need is the ability to lean as we move. Thank you for all of your hard work on this. I very much look forward to seeing your next release after Apex updates HU. This is just The Perfect frosting on HU's cake.
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