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  1. Hi! I already tried the demo and I am totally satisfied, better than I expected. Being this a sign of what's coming, now if I'm quite sure it will be a great mod. The mission is very complete, best used your map design their own creators, patrols, tanks and others are perfectly located between a perfect balance between a very good security on the part of the Russians and very good opportunities to dodge by Ghosts. I really liked the objective consisted in eliminating the Russian officers! having to identify them after deleting gives much realism to the game. Bodark Special Forces ... just terrifying! Very knowledgeable and also those who were equipped with the optical camouflage they made even more lethal !! when they were cast down were virtually unwatchable! (after a couple of attempts to achieve defeat attracting them in CQC). Operation Dark Winter ... Very successful and I hope the other missions are conducted in the same way. I also think you should remaster the original missions of Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder with the concept of Future Soldier! I hope in the future development of this mod more variety of weapons, new characters for specialists and please do not pull over female ghosts (modernizes the skins for Astra, Lindy and Susan). You've created a great mod and in my opinion will be much better than Heroes Unleashed / Centcom / Blood Oil. I love this classic! and wait long for a moder used the concept of GRFS in this great game (I was hoping that FS will use the same mechanics of this game open spaces but I left very disillusioned even though the concept of the concept of the future soldier I like very much) later this year I am going to upgrade my computer to play the latest in video games and in spite of that I will continue to enjoy this classic and even more with the concept of FS devised by a moder. Thank you! forward and hope for its full version. Excuse my bad English. Greetings.
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