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  3. So I just got back from getting my first dose of the Moderna vaccine for COVID19. Second injection recommended by my doctor in 3-4 weeks, but without major health issues, the dosing clinic will only book four months between doses. Gah. Still, step one taken.
  4. Hello! I am currently looking for a group of people to play with. I'm an experienced gamer (meaning I'm old) but I still enjoy jumping on the sticks with people. I have played through GRBP on the XB1 and am now going through it again on the PS4. My gamertag on PSN is NORSEMxN. Please have a mic and the ability to communicate. I am a combat veteran so I perform coms to dead silence or heavy breathing or being able to taste what your eating. Unfortunately, PSN is shutting down "Communities" which is where I usually find people or groups to game with. Also, if you know of a group that
  5. CS2 is glitchy as well but fully functional with any RSBs.
  6. Photoshop 7 will work on windows 10. Although kinda glitchy at times and it will fight with photoshop cc if you use that.
  7. Install of Photoshop 6 will not initialize on my Windows 10 computer. 😞 I'm using CS2 on my Windows 10 computer if that is any help. RSB plugin off the Island Thunder disc here if you find a Photoshop version that loads onto Windows 10.
  8. That would be awesome! I know I was using CS2 with an older plug-in before with no issues, but I was also on Windows 7 at the time. I’m hoping to get something working so I can pickup where I left off.
  9. I'm almost certain there is no RSB plug-in for Gimp. Maybe Ebay has some older versions of Photoshop for sale, not to be confused with Photoshop Elements or Photoshop manuals. I know CS2 and CS6 Portable work on Windows 10. I have a disc version of Photoshop 6 but I don't know if it would work on Windows 10. If your curious I'll install it to see if it works on Win 10.
  10. Hey everybody! I’ve been modding Ghost Recon for myself for quite awhile but recently haven’t been able to. Long story short my hard drive failed and I lost photoshop and all of my files related to the mods I was working on. Anyways, I’ve recently started to get back into modding since taking a break but I’m forced to use what I can for software. I was curious if anybody had a plug-in that would work with gimp for opening and saving the RSB files. Thanks!
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  12. That seems to be the case for my computer as well. It will only launch GR in Windowed Mode for whatever reason. But it works! I was able to deactivate Island Thunder. All my issues have been resolved thank you very much for your assistance!
  13. Can you upload better camera264.EXE or FirstandThirdmerged64 2017.exe? The links are broken What I mean that I want the vision from the "head" (picture 1) to full "3rd person body" (picture 2) I've downloaded the FPWV Richards mod, but there's no full body 3rd person vision, only massive head and a weapon. Sorry for my ban english
  14. My only suggestion is to turn this line in options.xml back to TRUE. <FullScreen>FALSE</FullScreen> I had heard some people had luck launching GR in Windowed Mode. I don't know the cause why it will not work full-screen. I compared my current options.xml to the one I uploaded. I don't know if it makes any difference but Make sure these line in the options.xml read as follows: <ShellBackgroundIndex>2</ShellBackgroundIndex> <FullScreen>TRUE</FullScreen> <VideoResolution Width = "1920" Height = "1080" BitDepth =
  15. Sorry posted it before finishing. I'll post my reply in a bit.
  16. Oh wow it worked thank you so much! I had to edit it as you suggested to launch in windowed mode for it to work. After it launches in windowed mode is there any way to force it into fullscreen rather than different display ratios? Also, even though I do not have it installed on my system it is loading Island Thunder. Is there a way to only have it load the base game and Desert Siege? I ask because I typically play with my family who believe it or not is still playing on eMac computers and will not upgrade (Island Thunder was not made for Macs).
  17. This is a link to an options.xml you can drop in the main GR directory. https://www.mediafire.com/file/bpnrsc7aumtncmc/options.xml/file One is not present until the first successful launch so worth a try. It can be edited with notepad and if you wish you can try it so that GR launches in windowed mode by editing this line in the options.xml <FullScreen>TRUE</FullScreen> change TRUE to FALSE If you get it to launch you can reset most of the options in the menus. The menus are displayed in 640x480 but ingame resolution can be set to whatever you wish in the menus.
  18. Hello! Like many others I am experiencing launch issues. The game tries to boot but then kicks back to Steam with no error message. My computer specifications are as follows: Make/Model: Lenovo Legion T5 28IMB05 Windows Version: Windows 10: 19041.867 CPU: Intel i7-10700 2.90GHz Sound card: Not sure Sound card driver: Not sure Video card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Video card driver: NVIDIA Studio Version 461.92 DirectX version: DirectX 12 System Ram: 16GB Video Ram: 6GB IKE.log: ***** User's system configuration ***** CP
  19. Im still lurking. Been pretty busy. Doing some environment art for a mobile game. Sooner or later I'll find the time to mod a bit.
  20. some quick and dirty texture tests
  21. first iteration is with @Jack Wachter just to make sure I've not missed any textures etc First release is quite simple, it's just male and female RAV variants with blank textures.
  22. Just now finished playing rockall mission stats, so far:- (updated 10 th mar) rk(c)01 - completed rk(c)02 - completed rk(c)03 - completed rk(c)04 - completed rk(c)05 - completed rk(c)06 - completed rk(c)07 - completed rk(c)08 - completed rk(c)09 - completed rk(c)10 - completed Great maps and great missions . Thank you rockall team
  23. Ok Double ignore me. Realised the menu is hard coded to the base resolution so no changes happen unless you are in game. My bad! Thanks for the above help, it's solve the issue
  24. rockall mission stats, so far:- (updated 9 th mar) rk(c)01 - completed rk(c)02 - completed rk(c)03 - completed rk(c)04 - completed rk(c)05 - completed rk(c)06 - completed rk(c)07 - completed rk(c)08 - completed We struggled a lot to finish rk(c)08 , Perhaps the toughest mission I have ever played . I can say Tinker is one of the greatest mission scriptors . The way he places enemies is really amazing .We always liked his style of scripting . Thank you tinker for all your mods and your help to gr.net will always be remembered .
  25. Ignore me, game opened fine through steam, just not through desktop shortcut. I think thats cracked it! - Although I can't seem to get the resolution to change the screen size? Either in game or through the XML. When I change it in the xml it registers in game (Highlights the appropriate one in game) but doesn't change the size of window at all
  26. Ok, Consider me an XML N00b. What command line do I need to put in /Change to do this? I have attempted a few bits and buggered it (Game won't open at all even reverting to previous). Gonna whack a reinstall and try again. Hahaha
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