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Strange Days...




I dunno.Went for a run along the beach this afternoon, gave me some thinkin time. Ive felt really, really weird over the past week. I got back from leavers on Sunday, and all of a sudden everything seemed to have changed. School was over and done it, my life just seemed like a mess. The past 7 days seems like the busiest week of my life, yet in retrospect i havnt done all that much. It just feels so strange. Happy, sad, angry everything at once. I think its cos school is over once and for all. Hard to believe really. Ive never beena big fan of school, its always eaten away at me. And now, its done. I spose it'd be like when Batman killed the Joker. His arch enemy is gone, whats he gunna do?Christ i dunno, maybe its the loss of routine. Once i get settled into the new job, once chrissie and all the rest is out of the way, things'll settle down, and ill settle into a routine again.I dont know, excuse my mindless ramblings, i just thought i should type this out.



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Know what you mean. Once you get used to it you ###### and moan like hell about it but towards the end of the holidays you can't wait for it to start so you can get back to moaning about teachers and prefects etc.

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