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Saturday is tree day....




So *today I got up extra early out of my warm bed to dig holes in a field.My cousins, mums, friend is a nature lover and a current project of hers is growing a forest, so naturally, being the more-than-fantastic guy I am i said i'd help out.So there I was, in the bitter cold, doing my good deed towards nature by planting the 'dogwood' species of tree, and I planted around 50. Now, in 30 years time I can take my children to the forest and say "Dad helped to grow all these trees," That's if there hasn't been a motorway or somthing built over it...Hopefully this will have gained me admittance to heaven.*Technically it was yesterday (Posting at 1:32am)



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yeah ive done my fair share of tree plating for school over the years.

A whole lot that we planted over a weekend in primary school actually died, all of them. So we went back the next year and did it all again, woo.

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