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Number 8 has no screen




This rather overweight british woman wants to use the internet, so i chuck her on computer 8, nothing to it.She comes back in a panic, as if Osama Bin Laden just leapt out of the disk drive with a machine gun!"Number 8 has no screen!!""errr what?""Its black, its not working, useless, useless!!""Okkkkkk, here, ill put you on Number 10, ill fix the screen later"Now that the sky hasnt fallen in, world hasnt ended, Osama didnt come out of the disk drive, and British lady is settled at her new computer, i go to check out number 8.Screen is blank, she got that right. Push on button, TWANG! screen jumps to life, safe and sound. Wasnt turned on :wall: I slapped myself on the forehead audibly, and walked away.Crisis Averted, the world is safe once again.


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