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Looking for compy help




So I have an (start laughing) FM1 chip & A75 board; it is very much time to upgrade, but as someone with a fixed income, money is very tight. So, I need some advice.

I'm planning on upgrading to a Ryzen, looking at a 2600X and a B450 board. I figure I can get both for about $325, leaving me to buy 16G of RAM, and maybe an M.2 drive to boot from. I should, but don't require, a case and PSU, since I have an RX580/8G I can pull and swap out with another card in my old rig.





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If I go for an MSI B450-PRO, a Ryzen 2600X (with stock cooler, stop laughing) and 16GB (2x8GB) of HyperX (not bleeding edge, but a solid brand) of DDR4 3000, taxes in, I come up just a few bucks under my budget of $400CAD. I can pull a PSU (EVGA NEX750B) and a Sapphire Radeon 580 8GB I have already, as well as sub in any drives I need, albeit I want an M.2 if I can. That means case, preferably full tower with drive bays, including optical drive(s) if possible, though this last one is far from set in stone.

Advice? And no, Intel and Nvidia isn't an option for me. Don't even bring them up.

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Seems pretty decent to me dannik, just make sure it's open to expansion at a later date and you're solid. 


My old machine still uses 16gb RAM after 4 years, still able to run the latest games decently.

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I would love to get an X570 chipset motherboard, for the simple future-proofing of PCIe 4 & Ryzen 3 CPU's, but they are significantly more expensive, meaning I either have to get a bare bones motherboard for a premium, or go vastly over my thin budget. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for options, though.

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I have bought the above! I received the Radeon 2600X CPU, the HyperX Predator 16GB of 3000 DDR4, and the MSI B450-PRO today. I also sprung for a Samsung 970 M.2 SSD of thee 500GB variety, which I should get tomorrow, and a Corsair Carbide 100R case, which may take a few weeks to arrive. Pulling the GPU and PSU, along with some of the drives I'll use frequently from this tower. I have a spare CPU & PSU floating around,so this machine is not dead.

I'll finally be just a generation back!


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