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Hospital for New Years



So I'm laying in another hospital bed, possibly an infection. Happy New Years?



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Getting there. I have a doctor's appointment (unrelated) on Monday, and the hospital doc says I might make it, though no promises. Swelling is going down, IV antibiotics appear to be working, and I have slight TV and internet access. So there's that.

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I was released a couple of days ago, though with at least one follow up appointment with a doctor who couldn't be bothered to see me in hospital.

Apparently I had cellulitis. Fun times had by none. Now I have horse pills of amoxicillin. Joy.

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You got to celebrate New Years Day surrounded by a bunch of people!

In retrospect I guess that isn't a great thing for a introvert.  :ermm:

Glad you are well enough to be at home.

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Well, at least it was a hospital that's fairly new, maybe two years old. I've been an in-patient at two prior locations, joy. Both now closed, have been for years. This hospital is close to my home, and familiar to me. The food's improved, while the "entertainment" system hasn't, at least not much. They have wi-fi only on their main floor, and at that it's spotty. The personal consoles over the beds, if you pay (a reasonable price) for them, has basic web service, and a few extras, like a choice of armature or wall mount flat panel television. I tend to get solo rooms, primarily due to a mildly compromised immune system (I'm fine, but if sick, I'm riskier than most) so that's good.

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I remember that one hospital you were at during that time I visited.  Is that one of those that closed.  Must be since you were in-patient there and you said they were both closed.  lol

Since you get a solo room, you could just belt out your favorite songs for entertainment.  :rofl: 

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Not that one. I spend time in a lot of hospitals, it seems.

The one you visited me in was close at the time; it's also where I have almost all my medical team at. I moved a few years ago, so it's a different set of hospitals close to where I live now. I still visit the one you saw me in for everything else, but for closeness, it's the one (well, three, sort of) closer to me now.

As for singing, thanks, but my vocal cords are still partially paralysed. Jerk. 😮

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