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The Story So Far Part 3 - The End



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So Humber River shipped me back to West Park. It took a lot longer than expected, and I don't know if it was HR or WP slowing the process, but I waited.

Eventually, they tossed me in a Ambucab and moved me to a private room, still under sterile observation, and nobody knew why. The folks at Humber, when questioned, would clam up, so West Part had to assume an unknown pathogen, and held me in relative seclusion. Luckily, since I had been there recently, I had months of rehab under my belt, so if I had to stay put, it wasn't a problem.

They lifted quarantine after a couple of months, mostly (and this is a guess) because I wasn't showing any signs of problems.

This time, I more or less learned how to do what nurses had been doing for me for years. I take a lot of medication, but of course I can't swallow pills. I need special food because I'm on tube feeding and diabetic. Insulin only comes in injectable forms. So, I learned. The fun is discovering the best new tools for the jobs.

Oh, and the wheelchair? An easy solution. My right side works, just very clumsily. The chair is just easier than a walker or canes right now.

And yes, there is more. For another time.


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