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I've been using Evernote for a long long time, but it has always bothered me that I couldn't use it for ALL my notes, because some data you just don't want out there in the cloud i.e passwords and bank details. So what I did was have one Note called "Secure" and marked it as "Do Not Sync.", so that data stayed on my HD and off the cloud. That still left it insecure on my own PC though.

So I let this bother me for about a year, maybe more, and today, finally, I googled it.

It was quite an interesting read, not only did I discover there was a very very simple way to secure that data with Evernote, I discovered a whole bunch of other stuff about Evernote that was really cool, very cool.

Put it this way, if Evernote was my car, I just discovered today for the first time that my car has more than 1 gear.

Stuff about Evernote I need to remember.

  • Securing your sensitive data.
    • Evernote can encrypt sensitive data within a note. Highlight the sensitive data, right-click, select "Encrypt selected text." Enter a password. In order to view that information in the future, you (or anyone else) will have to enter the password to do so.

This is awesome, now I can password any section of text and it remains hidden from view until a password is entered. What's very cool is that this desktop feature syncs perfectly with mobile versions (ie iPhone). The password request is handled exactly the same on the mobile device, ie the text is hidden until the passphrase is entered.

  • Backing Up Data
    • There are so many different apps for handling lists, passwords, memos these days. Many options too for webmail, contact lists etc. Where most of these things all falldown though is backup and retrieval. I have list manager apps on my phone and if it was to crash and burn, I have no clue how I would recover that data. Even webmail contact lists used to be difficult, although generally you can at least export to a CSV file these days. With Evernote though, there is an abundance of options. The biggest safety net of course is that your data is always in two places, on your local HD, and on the cloud - so that's a good start. But backing up is a simple export away, with four different export types, including HTML! Finally, I just love this quote from their blog..

Our philosophy is that if you're confident that you can leave Evernote at any time, then you'll be confident enough to want to stay.

Check out all the different ways of getting data into Evernote.

  • Type It
  • Email it (to your evernote address) and it appears in Evernote as a note.
  • Use snapscan to scan stuff straight into Evernote
  • Drag and drop any filetype into Evernote
  • Photograph it, Evernote will even make any text in the photo searchable.

My Evernote is a right old MESS of notes, with lots of junk surrounding some really important notes, so now I am sure about it's security, I'm going to tidy it up and start using it more!

If you have never seen Evernote, it's one of the big players out there right now, check it out.





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Quick Evernote story.

I keep loads of stuff in Evernote, notes about many subjects.

I use it to record all my website logins, urls, etc etc.

I use it keep reference notes about pet subjects, like website SEO, money making schemes, all sorts.

I use it to keep some passwords, because you can easily encrypt and prevent remote synching of passwords, or any notes.

So, when my HD packed in and I had to do a reinstall, I was cringing because I would have to read up and research how to recover all my Evernote notes, and figure out how to get back my local password notes.

No worries with evernote.

As soon as I had re-installed it on a new HD, all my notes appeaed, thanks to the cloud and remote synching.

The locally stored password files were easily fouund to, as I had backed them up locally, so a quick "import" and blam, I had all my notes back.

Great tool.

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I've thought of a few dozen moments when it would have have been invaluable.

Let's say I get a delicious sack of uncooked yak testicles. Then, I would have had to say "too bad, and I even had a fancy recipe for braised musk ox scrotum too."

Now, I could just wheel my StandSaver 9000 over to my computer, open my "notebook" file and search for 'steamed nuts', and it will simply find every reference in any file, even a grainy webcam shot of a page,that I own.

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I'm learning how to use Evernote a bit more. For example, I just found out over the weekend that "notes" you sync online, you can access from anywhere, and if you choose to share them with others, you can generate a link to just that note.

Now, considering everyone and their cousin is offering up X gig of "cloud" storage and sharing for free* these days, it's not a big deal, but the Evernote team seem to really get their demographic. They offer nothing that is novel, but they have assembled it in a very novel way.


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