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There have been a few changes.



It's been over a year - a very long and interesting year, since I added to this.

Short version: I got very sick, and might never be 100% again.

Longer version: It started with a case of meningitis, during which I had a stroke-like event. I'm in a wheelchair, my right side moves with very little control, my left side doesn't feel pain (which is not as great as it sounds), my throat doesn't work (talking is awkward at best and if it doesn't go through my gastric tube I don't eat or drink) my right eye needs a transplant, the list goes on.

I was 34 when this all began.


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Thanks, Rocky.

I just wish I could focus on tasks better, because I certainly have time! Ah well, I've got very minor eye surgery next week (just stitches, sounds a lot worse than it actually is) which should reduce the dull ache by a huge amount. That mean more me. Goody. :P

My mother asked me how I remain so positive in light of the past couple of years. To her, and anyone who asks, what other choice do I have?

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