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Another stinking warm day in Sydney!




Well, as the title says, it's been another stinking warm day here in Sydney. Yesterday we had temperatures heading up around 43C (109F for all who use that) and it hasn't been much better today with temps in the high 30's. Might be all well and good if you can stay indoors and next to the airconditioner but I've had to work inside a warehouse that acts like a huge baking oven...somehow it keeps all the heat and moisture in and it gets nearly unbareable. :blink: For all the Aussies around...there are some things I'd stay away from buying at wollies! Things like cheese spread, chocolate bars and things like that have a suggested storage temo of between 18 to 20 degrees...and they get stored at a nice comfortable 35 in the warehouse I work at! :ermm: :xOh well, atleast the southerly has come now and the temps has started dropping, dropped a good 10 degrees in just a matter of minutes when it started. :D Should finally be able to get some sleep tonight because of it.And for todays modding efforts, might not be all to much of a difference but now the mesh is completed and texturing it will commence during the weekend!Friday 19th Nov, completed mesh with all it's detail.Slightly iffy render but shows the suspension setup on the vehicleSnow



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