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This weekends gaming




Gaming started early this weekend with a Ghost Recon game in the Omega Coop Tournament last night. I cant say too much about it as all the scores have not be announced yet, but we had a blast even though there were 1 or 3 setbacks out of our control.Today I really want to squeeze in some Joint Operations to see what all the fuss is over this new patch that NovaLogic released, then quickly offered a roll back on due to public "outcry". I also want to fit in some Doom3 havoc as that games been gathering dust for too long. Tomorrow it's out onto the Nascar track with the GRNET racing team in the RSi Racing League. I'm always the one at the back of the pack 'cause I don't practice enough, but it's still fun, and I enjoy making the replay movies (which I post at Tactical-Elite.net now and again).The game I am really waiting on (apart from the obvious title!) isn't Half Life 2 or even Halo 2 - it's NFS:UG2. It really is the season of the sequels right now in gaming - and NFS looks really great. The graphics are awesome, and the new gameplay modes look fun, and the tuning options have taken the game to a new level, so roll on my Birthday!Talking about Halo2 - if you missed the movie some guy made of the queues of fans waiting to buy it on release morning, head over to Fileplanet and track it down, it's a hoot.



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Hey Rocky, maybe when you get it we can do some online racing again eh? Just remember to install that compass of yours or have Mrs Rocky sitting next to you going "hard right.... medium left..." :P

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