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Beyonce - If I Were A Boy




Beyonce performed If I Were a Boy on the X Factor final last night, an absolutely stunning performance, never seen anything like that before, just plain remarkable. Browsing around it looks like I'm late to this party (again lol), nevertheless, this is a timeless performance.

I'd heard that song on the radio before, but didn't even now who sung it until recently. But after seeing that performance I've been browsing around to find other live performances, found some good ones below with HQ viewing options.

X-Factor Final Live HD (big box link to stopid video in bottom left unfortunately)

If I were a Boy Live (spanish subs, but still amazing).

MTV Awards Official Footage

Live at MTV in HD It's shaky cam and the audio suffers sometimes, still good though, pity the guy didn't focus in more on those keyboard players though. ^_^

Crazy in Love Live, awesome, check the drummer out at the end.

Strictly Come Dancing.



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