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Skinning Grid Cars




Here's how to skin your own BMW in GRID.

Tools Required



Pack of both files HERE.

Extract dds files

1. Backup and keep safe the folder grid\cars\bmw

2. Start PSSG

3. Browse to \Codemasters\GRID\cars\bmw\livery_00\textures_high\bmw_tex_high_00.pssg and click extract.

4. Browse to \Codemasters\GRID\cars\bmw\livery_user\textures_high\bmw_tex_high_user.pssg

This creates two new folders called bmw_tex_high_user_pssgfiles with all the dds files we need inside.

Import 3 dds files

1. Start DXTbmp (MW Graphics in start folder)

2. Do Prefs > Select Editor and point this tool at your preferred image editor (i.e. photoshop or paintshop pro).

3. Open bmw_main.dds" (in the folder "bmw_tex_high_00_pssgfiles). You can drag that file into the editor if easier.

4. Select the "send to editor" icon in the bottom row.

5. Do the same for the bmw_main.dds from the livery_user folder

6. Do the same for the main_m1.dds alpha channel using the "send alpha to editor" option deom the drop down menu. Go to this image and resize it to exactly double the size.

Depending on your setup you will either have 3 images in your paint editor, or 3 instances of your editor opened each holding one of the images.

We need to get one image now, with each of those images as a seperate layer. So copy and paste two of theimages as new layers in the first image.

You should now have one image, with three layers showing different parts of the cars design.

Edit Your Design

1. Redesign your car as you like!

2. Save the design in a format that retains the layers, so you can re-edit it easily later. For example psp format for paint shop pro or psd for photoshop.




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