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3AM---what am I doing up this early?

Cpl Ledanek


Ok, ever since my wife started doing 12-hrs shift, I find myself, free from her reign of watching celebrity shows and food network channel---sorry Rachel Ray, hasn't been the same since you left me for another man. :angry:

So it's 3AM again, and I'm once again lurking the forums here and BFS...trying to catch SnowFella's early release on whatever he's working on---both here and BFS.

Yep, check the porn sites---nothing new <_< ....back to BFS...no new image---wait...there is one! Can't see it? Join the Donator's Domain---so worth it.

So, my http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWr-hHkD7Y0in Hawaii are finally having a baby sometimes in Dec. I can't believe they had a baby before me :wall: It seems everyone is having a baby except me.

I bothered ZJJ before about getting a dog, then a rabbit (forgot which order :unsure: ) but no pet at this time.

I want a baby, so I got someone else to watch with. Watching Wildboyz without anyone is not the same. :(

I want a baby dammit! Parents say watching a baby sleep is hypnotic and helps you sleep. Unless your building their character by feeding them


My Video Jar seems to be on a stand still...$35 and some change.

Dyson still hasn't dropped their price, so I'm still using the beat up Eureka. Now I got my eye on the Roomba 500 series to replace my 1st Gen Roomba. Still does an awesome job cleaning the kitchen and hardwood-floor areas.

I gotta work tomorrow at 3pm and I'm wide awake at 3am, waiting for my iPod to recharge so I can load my Jame Brown Greatest Hits so I can play it at work tomorrow to pep me up.

This is sad. I'd hate to break out the Bacardi just so I can sleep. 0:)

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Did you end up having a baby?

And I can sympathize 100% about the talent shows and food network channels... I swear, if there is a God, well he made PC games just to help save my soul.

Was watching American Idol this evening. Before that, Britain's Got Talent. My brain has melted and I can't tell you what we watched before that, needless to say I didn't pick it.

Either way nice read, even if it has take me over about 3.5 years to actually managed to get around to doing so! :)

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