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Folk Music




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The last band I talked about (albeit 8 months ago!!) was The Mars Volta, and the genre of music that has gripped me of recent could not be any further away from the psychedelic rock of Omar and Cedric. I used to think of Folk as dainty music that was enjoyed by the 50+ whilst they landscaped a rockery in their garden. Boring.

I've since realised that folk music entails all the ethos of punk and can be performed more energetically than any of the new metal garbage knocking around. A case in point is Frank Turner who has the ability to create an atmosphere from his voice and guitar that a quartet of amplified emo bands could only hope for. He writes the most beautiful love ballads, insightful political songs and entertaining examinations of life.

Artists of similar ilk that I'm currently enjoying are Chris T-T and Beans and Toast. However, I'm well aware of folk musics long back catalogue and its greats. But where to start is the question I am faced with. :hmm: Recommend me some folk, folks!


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Your getting old Avey it's as simple as that.

I'm not sure what folk is my guess would be simple in style and lyrics like stories??? I don't know.

I'm not sure this is folk or not...but I like Jim Croce.

Very Relaxing style and good story telling.

James Taylor is awesome, folk I don't think so but good.?

Hope your doing well.

Your old friend,


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