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2 Months Have Passed




Since I last made an entry or even a post on GR.net. The reason is not that I have turned my back on GR.net or anything like that, it is simply because I have been unable to use the Internet regularly.

I moved out in September and now reside in a house with three fellow students in Headingley, Leeds. Our Landlady is an old lady of about 70 and she doesn't much care for anything bar the basic requirements needed to rent a house out. The decor of the house is like a Retirement Home and the utilities just about get the job done. However, this is part and parcel of been a lazy-bum-student, and you get what you pay for.

What does annoy me is that she refuses us permission to contract a company to install a telephone line for the house so we can use the net. Of course we would be paying for it all, and it would be another 'feature' for the house, she takes the viewpoint that it might spoil the appearance of the house/garden (like its anything special at the moment).

So for now, I am only able to access the net at uni, and that time is limited to emails and the like. So just in case you were wondering where I was you now have an answer. Little disappointed there wasn't a 'Where is Avey?' thread though, see to it someone. ;)

Keep the Peace.


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Hey Avey,

It's Eagle I remembered you had a blog here and droped by to say hey......I did that above (said "hey") if you missed it read again from the begining... ;-)

anyway glad to hear your doing well, tell that old ###### to hook up the internet!

Later, Brian

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