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The Xbox 360 sucks




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I'm going to expand on this later, but for now here are my top two one reasons why the 360 sucks.

1. Bear with me here... it's a console; console's are primarily aimed at and bought by people who for one reason or another do not have a (gaming) PC. The reason these people probably do not have a gaming PC is because they cannot justify the cost of building/buying a PC with enough juice to run the latest games. Remember that demographic, and recall it again in a sentence or two.

Now consider this.

To fully (or even BARELY) enjoy the 360, you have to (yes HAVE as in "MUST"), play it on a HD telly. A standard telly never has and never will be capable of displaying the sort of resolution that makes games look good. TV's were built for TV signals, not hi-res computer graphics. Without the required resolution (1) graphics look washed out and lack definition and (2) text is blurry and best unreadable at worst.

Now jump back to that demographic you logged in your memory a moment ago, yeh, the typical "can't afford a gaming PC" console owner. What is the chance that such a household is likely to be in a position to own a large HD telly, when they can't afford a PC? I'd take a guess, NOT LIKELY.

Now, I know some of you will be reading this, with an Xbox 360 and a huge HD telly somewhere in the house, bully for you, that's great and I am jealous as hell, but this isn't about me (really). This is about selling a next gen console as a loss leader (offset against the game sales), to entice everyone of any budget to buy it, knowing full well that without a costly HD telly, the "next gen" graphics are not going to look next gen, and even worse, might play worse than the previous gen.... but that's for another gripe in another blog entry.

I'm sorry if this offends any 360 lovers, I just have a bit of a thing about the 360 right now, being as I bought it many MANY months ago, and have still never bought[1] a single game for it yet, because nothing I have seen beats what I am playing on the PC, as an overall gaming experience, and I am going to biatch about it. Alot. Probably.

[1] Before anyone says "what about GRAW 360", I never bought it, it was sent to me.



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Oh yeh, COD3 is cool, by brother bought it, borrowed my 360, and played it on his HD telly. It was very nice, and no Frame Rate issues either.

Still, looked only half as good on a normal telly though.

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I was downright close to purchasing a 360, yet never did. My normal telly and the the cost in getting the console, a few games, and Xbox Live subscription was a bit more than I wanted to spend. I'm glad I didn't. I picked up a new PC game instead...and gaming life is all good.

Consoles are just not for me. Not when I've spent the money to upgrade my computer to a pretty decent rig. I do still park myself in front of a 360 when I visit a BestBuy though. I got to play GRAW for about 45 minutes. Was quite fun, but different from the PC version. Took about 44 minutes to get used to...

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I understand where you are getting at but you are assuming that you have to have a super expensive HD telly for it to look good. You do know that you can play your 360 on a pc monitor right? With lcd monitors getting super cheap now you can get a nice HD image from the 360 on these monitors.

Even HD telivisions are getting cheaper now. For the average consumer I think the 360 is a great buy. The system is cheaper then most video cards out right now. I don't know if there will ever be a good or logical answer to the question, "is it better to buy the next gen console, or just build a nice pc" question. That question can be debated forever.

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Everclear + Redbull + 360 + Gears Of War = An interesing Friday night.

That and the PS3 is like $600, screw that.

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I am supposed to be getting a copy of GoW and look forward to playing it, I have a feeling I am going to get screwed out of the deal though.

Hopefully it will come through though, looks like an awesome game.

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Everclear and Redbull? Damn Sart, that's death in a bottle. We hit the Everclear hard last night, these girls were puring damn near two shots of EC into a 16oz cup of juice or sprite! Didn't take long for them to get trashed... heh.

I've never believed in consoles. Too much money for something that is phased out in a year for the next best thing. And all you can do is play games! At least my PC will let me play games, listen to music, watch movies, get on the internet, play games online, type papers (bleh), etc... Not to mention PCs are just so much cooler than little boxes. You can also build your own PC which makes it 'custom', unique and something to be proud of.

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