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New XP 'Zune' Official Theme




After a leak of a black Microsoft Windows XP desktop theme last week, MS decided to rework and officially release the new theme, branded as the 'Zune' XP Theme, named after their upcoming portable multimedia device.

Official download is available here: Zune XP Theme

Microsoft is a little late on this release, I believe. The black/orange theme really should have been out before Halloween, don't you think?



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I have not seen it, but I guess it is styled black like the new windows media player? I am using a windows blinds XP skin that is based on that, it's very cool. I don;t often stick with skins, usually removing them after a few days, but I stuck with this one, it's cool.

About the zune though. What do you make of that? Seems to me they have got off to a bad start by making all the MS music downloads so far incompatible with it, it looks kinda ugly next to the ipod, it looks kinda ugly next to the PSP, but on the up - I like the wireless sharing of files idea, whether it's a feature that will prove functional or gimmicky I don't know.

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Now that's funny. I just checked with Google, and my blog entry is the 10th listing for 'Zune XP'.

Rocky, it's basically a gloss black theme, with a vibrant orange start button. Includes a wallpaper of a bunch of people at an outdoor concert. Nothing to it, really, but if you like dark, contrast-y themes, it's the best out there, without going to 3rd party shell replacement apps, like WindowBlinds.

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