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Finally spat the dummy...lol




Well, as some might of seen I finally spat the dummy in the forums, the starship troopers thread for those who haven't read it but might be interested.It's just been brewing in me all to long to hold back now. To add to that...just wish the ppl jumping me on PM or MSN almost daily asking when something I'm working on will be finished would understand that the time I take answering them could acctually be used to cut down their waiting time. Getting slightly fed up with "when will it be released" :wall: And for todays's progress on the vehicleWednesday 17th Nov, most of the detail is in...just some stuff at the back left to makePolygon count is rising rapidly with all the Ngon's used to make light fittings and such. :( Snow



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yeah about the model, i was wondering if you could change it so that all the tyres on the left side were wheel barrow tyres, and the ones on the right bridgestone racing slicks??? Also add an aimpoint sight? and some nifty bolts? In desert/artic camo? and release it as a mini mod before friday??


Oh, and i found this on the floor


Nah i agree with ya fully mate, i dont use mods (or GR) any more, and i certainly dont make em, but i read the forums, and Ive seen everything you've said:

"Weapon Request: I want the m4 zigzag with speckled sight"

"Reply: Oh theres one of those in BlimBlams mega mod!!!"

"Nah its not the same, mine needs nifty bolts!!!"

Dont lose heart mate, keep up the good work!


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Errrr OK when i saw that pic on google, it didnt have ISP stuff on it.

Disregard that, the joke is ruined, and i cant edit my comment, poo.

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ROTFLMAO! :rofl:

Now that gave me the laugh I desperately needed! Thanks mate :notworthy: Guess I should spit that poor little dummy more often.

It's not likely I give up over something like this mate, I just plainly refuse to make M4's alltogether :rocky:

And something else that also cheered me up...just came home from the club here with $500 more in my pocket than when I walked in...now all I have to do is figure out what other totally unnessesary computer components that I can get :zorro:

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hehehe no worries mate,

Hmm, Money, "club", East Cost. Its either an RSL or rugby club :P

$500 to spend on computer parts, well half of that is Silent Nights deposit for post exams "holiday" :whistle:

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