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An the GRAW community acts Beta...




Ok, I understand that this beta test patch has not been the rosiest experience of the summer for many...myself included. First, I crashed to desktop every time I tried to load GRAW after installing the patch. So, I uninstalled the patch. Then I crashed about 15 seconds after coming to the main screen in GRAW because some Mitchell voice file was missing. So, what to do next? Uninstall GRAW completely and start fresh! Well, except that my InstallShield files had somehow become corrupted and I wasn't able to uninstall. To the Registry Editor I go! Except that I could seem to get to work either. Eventually I got it...somehow, someway, I got it.

So my experience this afternoon sucked (though [GR] Coop is pretty cool). What I don't understand is how people justify tearing the ###### out of the UBI FTP server becuase someone had (seemingly) deleted the file. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the Beta testing never gets opened to the public. Rediculous...



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