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Insomnia and GRAW...




Nothing like a rough-sleeping Friday night to help you complete a GRAW single player mission or two. Besides that, I think I got raped by "wh0re" tonight on an EU server playing HH. I saw he was on. Many of you probably know who I am talking about. I quickly Alt+Tab'd to open FRAPS and came back to see that he had switched teams. I was really hoping to snag some video if things got fishy. But alas, I resorted to having him kick my butt up and down Com Station. Oh, the joy of the Run N' Gun game of UBI HH servers!

On a side note, as if there was anything to note in the first place, I've added a GRAW section to my website showcasing some screenies that I've grabbed. Hopefully I can use it to recruit old [GR] buddies to buy GRAW and begin playing...

Have a look if you'd like...



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