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Time to get this party started?




Well...here we go. A GR.NET blog, eh? For a while I was blogging at a website that I threw together just to have the experience in learning HTML, PHP and JavaScript. Since then my website has changed quite a bit. A new design and a new focus brought about my new piece of internet realestate, which can be found here. Words turned into photos and writing into photography. It seems, since I got my hands on GRAW and a computer upgrade, that even those "new" things have fallen to the wayside...

On a random note, I do get a bit tired of all the crap talk about GRAW. I can understand people not likely where GRAW is currently at. But let's face it folks...it is what it is...which in my eyes is still pretty good. Is there room for improvement? Sure...but at least we have the Devs popping in and out of the forum getting feedback and answering our questions. So please...can't we all just get along?



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