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Little known facts about me




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I am of the female gender classification.

I was born and raised in WI.

I am a middle child from a family of 8 kids.

I grew up on a dairy farm. We had lots of cows, pigs, chickens, cats and dogs.

I left home when I was 14.... no I didn't join the circus.

At the tender age of 12 I went deer hunting with a rifle and got a 6 point buck.

I was a turboprop engine mechanic while in the Air Force.

While in the air force I shot "marksman" on my M16 qualifications.

I enjoy target practice with pistols, rifles and bow and arrows.

I enjoy cross country skiing.

I own 4 golden retrievers, but only 3 live with me. Down to one now. :(

I have a cat now named Mercedes.

I have two children that will be the death of me, yet. :wall:

My website for Golden Retrievers. k9gold.net The site is currently down, we won't go into why here. I am remotivated to work on my site again so I hope to create something again. Site is permanently down.

I'm old enough to have two grown children and a grandson. Boy do I feel old. *sigh*

I currently have three jobs - Office manager for a consulting firm, a bookkeeper for a medical society, and a sales associate in the electronics department of a major retail store.

I own a XBox 360 with a gamer tag of ZJJr. I play R6: Vegas, GRAW, GRAW2, Sonic, Guitar Hero and want to get DiRT soon.

I'm buying a slightly used (1 year old) computer so I don't have to share with my son.

I have people reading my boring blog!

I'm not a habitual blogger.

I have season tickets to the Biltmore House.

I love Schwan's ice cream.

More little know facts to follow.



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I read it. but every time I do, it's still the same old first post from three years ago. such a letdown.

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