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Some of you may know im stuck in the middle of the biggest exams of my life.5 Exams, 3 hours each, spread over 2 and bit a weeks.These exams decide my future as a member of the human race. They give me a score, this score decides if I can get into what uni courses i want. The only option if your score isnt good enough is to repeat the exams, next year.Its 35 Degrees outside, not a cloud in the sky, and im stuck in doors. Ceiling fan is slowly rotating, more of a placebo effect than anything else. My mums running around cleaning the house, vacuum cleaner, steam mop spray and wipe. Im meant to be focusing on Accounting...accounting, possibly the most boring subject known to man. I could be doing 1000 different enjoyable things today, but instead i have to sit at a desk and read about journals and ledgers and cash flow.Right now im meant to be looking at PowerPoint presentations about Economics, about as enjoyable as an enima. Due to the way the exams are set up, and the final score calculated, Ive decided to not care about econs, i dont need to count it in my final score.Econs tomorrow morning, Accounting Wednesday afternoon. Next tuesday ive got Information Systems, my saving grace. A subject i am good at and enjoy. I then have to wait until mid december to get my score. And even if it is good enough, i have to wait until January to find out if a uni will actually accept me.12 Years of schooling, compressed into 15 hours of writing. 15 hours that will effect the rest of my life.Im managing to not stress, but i am stressing. Not so much about the exams, the reprocussions of the exams is the killer."There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going" -Beverly Sills



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Totally agree that accounting is the most boring subject ever....

Geography (the other choice for me) was a much better option.

What else d'ya do?

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