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Well this weekends gaming was pretty much disastrous.Friday nights Ghost Recon match wasn't too great. We were two or three men down and that cost us dearly (not to mention the lag). It's still good to play with the rest of the team, but annoying when points slip away like that.Then today at Nascar racing I was looking GREAT for a 4th place, which is damn good for me by the way, when BANG a slight accident infront of me, put my car into the wall and out of the race with only about 20 laps to go! That was a sickner.And to wrap it all up I missed out on our Joint Operations match at Clan Base, and the team ended up taking a bit of a pasting, again not least of all due to lag.Lessons learned? Play on our own blinking server as much as possible, and be prepared to sit behind the wheel for around an hour only to have it all go belly up on the homeward straight.I emailed punkbuster about a new cheat exploit I am not sure they know about today, to as we caught some juvenile idiots cheating at Clanbase recently, and only just figured out how they were doing it.On a more positive note, I uploaded two mods and put them on the news page at GR.net. One amazing weapons mod, and one campaign that sounds pretty good.Doom3 continues to gather dust :angry:



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