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The new media



We're the new media. Yep, fansite operators are the new, true games journalists. We're the ones who hunt, pry, beg and borrow any leads we can, in our own spare time, out of a desire to learn and share.The big companies always have the upper hand though. Why? They don't earn information, they don't seek it, they merely pay the right people in the right way, sit back, and watch the "news" roll in. Sanitized, sanctioned, and utterly unearned.Of course, this just mirrors the regular news media setup. Big news agencies purchase (at an exorbitant rate) news from the services, while the services purchase news from the independant publishers (at a hefty fee), while the publishers pay their actual field reporters, the people doing all the real work, a nominal living.Funny thing is, I've been laughed at by a (now former) Ubisoft representative for claiming to be a member of the press, as I report gaming related news for several websites, some of which are higher traffic than the actual games companies' official sites. But no, I don't pay enough to be part of the "real" press. I'm not nameless, faceless, but carrying an IGN business card. I don't matter. I'm just the real press, not the press companies are willing to actualy work with.An example: Back in April `04, Ubisoft released a press release documenting how they had been contracted to publish the console version of America's Army. On February 22, 2005, Ubisoft released the name of this new game. Gamespy, IGN and a slew of "real" news sites suddenly fell over themselves to break this hot new story. Not bad. It only took them ten months to catch up with the real media. Congratulations, big gaming news companies! One day you might actually, you know, report news that you've actually found out on your own.


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This is why I shake my head when I see people posting on the official forums for games "I won't believe what I read anywhere unless it's here on the official site". These people haven't learned what Dannik just posted, if you want the latest news, you have to look to the FANS and fan-sites for it.

Stick to the official sites all you like, you'll only be several weeks, if not months as has been the case, behind everybody else, but hey, at least it's "offical", right? :thumbsup:

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I've been mulling over Dannik's post somemore especially this bit...

"Congratulations, big gaming news companies! One day you might actually, you know, report news that you've actually found out on your own. "

There's another difference bewteen fan sites and the big gaming sites like IGN. Not only do they get supplied with "news" from game developers rather than have to go hunting for it and exposing it like fan sites do, there's another thing those big sites rarely do - and that's make news. Any numpty can report news, all you need is the ability to write properly, and the time to sit infront of the PC all day browsing for new "news". Simple.

Now take a look at what the succesful fan sites do, they provide and make news. Look in our Recon section for example, something like 150+ unique reports. Many other fan sites do the same thing, walkthroughs, modding tutorials etc etc. These take alot of time to put together and publish, unlike copy/pasting press releases.

The final difference of course, and the irony of it all, is that IGN etc. make a business out of it. For us it's a hobby.

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How about a hobby we are passionate about :rocky: Or is "stubborn" a better word? I know Mrs Rocky could come up with a bunch of words, but then, that's what we have the swear filter for.

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Don't let Mrs. Rocky see that or you'll be in the dog house.

I agree, while I dont' write much, when I do find something, I will write something up about it. Even if it doesn't make the front page of the sites, it is posted, even if a blurb.

Having to work harder to obtain information and getting it out before even the large game press sites (or even magazines) makes the information we provide that much sweeter. I wonder if Ubi is being so tightlipped about GR2 because of the fact that we have been able to usurp "offical" news releases in the past?

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