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Disk drive is buggered....




Idiocy. That is the only word to describe this.Thursday at work.On one of the tables, the order goes:towerscreentowerscreentower screenand so on.This dude comes out to me, and says the disk drive on his computer is broken. So i leap into action and see whats goin down in china town.It seems this intellectual pigmy had put his disk in the drive in the tower to the left of his screen. This tower did not belong to his screen, his tower was on the right of his screen. So i told him this, and moved the disk over. Leaving him to do his thing, i return to my flash games. He comes out minutes later. saying it still doesnt work.I go back over there, and this clown has moved seats. So his disk is in the correct tower. The tower to the right of his original screen. BUT he has shifted seats, to the computer next door. So, yet again, the disk is in the tower to the left of his screen. THE TOWER THAT IS NOT CONNECTED TO HIS SCREEN.I sit down, and quietly explain to him the order of tower screen tower screen. I dunno, maybe my simple instructions got lost in the translation from Australian to Irish.Idiot.



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